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6 Eye-Opening Meditation Retreats in India

6 Eye-Opening Meditation Retreats in India

Journey to the birthplace of yoga and join other spiritual seekers who are visiting to find a place of stillness, calm, and serenity in their lives. These meditation retreats in India will take you to the beaches of Goa to the crisp air in the Himalayas to explore yourself and your meditation practice. Whether you’re a beginner, a seasoned practitioner, are looking to learn more or just relax for a little while, you’re bound to find a retreat ideally suited for you in India.

Best Meditation Retreats in India

Short and sweet to a couple of week immersion, find your quiet at one of these top meditation retreats.

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Image by Him River Resort

4 Day Osho Silent Meditation Retreat by the River Ganges in Rishikesh

Nestled in the Himalayan mountains and right by the River Ganges, this silent retreat in Rishikesh will no doubt transport you to a place of inner calm and serenity. For 4 days you’ll sit in silent meditation, learn about philosophy, and challenge your past with your own thoughts and reflections. You’ll be immersed in nature, with either accommodation looking over a garden or the river as you embark on this deep inner journey. Additionally, this retreat also includes a visit to a nearby local village to appreciate the culture of this area in India.

Image by Yoga Vidya Mandiram

7 Day Yoga Nidra (Relaxation) and Meditation Retreat in Rishikesh

If you’re looking to move deeper into your understanding of yoga and delve beyond the physical (asana) practice, then this retreat is a top choice. Designed with yoga Nidra in mind, this style of yoga enables you to melt into deep relaxation. But far more than just practicing yoga Nidra, daily guided meditations are on the schedule, along with yoga classes, pranayama (breath), and kriyas practices. Community service and massages are also built into the retreat for a full week of self-reflection and fun in a small group setting.

Image by The Beach House Goa – Sanda Retreats

8 Day Transformational Meditation Retreat in Sernabatim Beach, Goa

Explore how to make meditation work in your lifestyle on this retreat on a beautiful beach in Goa. Here you’ll allow the tranquil setting to be your home for a week where you’ll be taught the basics of meditation and seek a technique that works best for you. The aim of this retreat is to give you meditation options so you can take what you learn at this retreat home with you and create a daily meditation practice. Aside from twice-guided meditations every day, yoga and relaxation sessions are also held.

Image by Mighty Himalayas

16 Day Himalayan Meditation Retreat in Nainital, Uttarakhand

Spend 2 weeks (or there is an option for 4 days instead) camping in the Himalayas exploring your spiritual self through deep, transformative meditation practices based on ancient teachings. Not linked to religion, or beliefs, this program invites spiritual seekers to spend time with themselves to find the spiritual connection that can’t be found in books or programs and to instead find it among your time while meditating. Through being surrounded by meditation, pranayama (breath), cleansing and balancing, you will leave this retreat no doubt completely rejuvenated and with a deeper connection, perhaps even a new outlook on life or yourself.

Image by Real Happiness

15 Days Meditation Course in Rishikesh

Designed as a course, but can be used as a retreat, this meditation course in Rishikesh is a wonderful opportunity to learn the basics and beyond of meditation. This course is perfect for beginners in meditation and will introduce you to over 30 styles and techniques of meditation! Pranayama, yoga, detox sessions, and chanting are practiced each day as well to round out your meditation practice and deepen your mind-body connection. This course teaches meditation from a scientific approach but also intertwines spirituality for a vast coverage of the power of meditation and beyond.

If a course isn’t your style, this retreat and teaching centre also hosts a 7-day retreat!

Image by SANCYA

2 Day Silent, Vegan Fasting Yoga Retreat near Pondicherry in Tamil Nadu

A great addition to a trip to India, this short and sweet 2-day retreat will refresh you when you land, or perhaps just before you set off! Join others who wish to take part in 2 days of silence as you meditate daily, practice yoga, and go sightseeing in a local village. Far from just practicing meditation techniques, you’ll walk away with a greater knowledge of yogic philosophy and the understanding of why it’s so important and works so well for your mind-body, and soul connection.

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