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6 Grounding Meditation Retreats in Europe

6 Grounding Meditation Retreats in Europe

Find yourself on the beaches of Greece, along the shores of Portugal, in the countryside of the UK, or the mountains of France on one of these grounding meditation retreats in Europe. Bound to leave you feeling at home in your body, mind, and soul, regardless of the length of the retreat, whichever one of these top options you choose will certainly be an experience that is not forgotten. Whether you’re after finding silence, prefer to spend your time in nature, or are eager to see the area while on a meditation retreat, fear not, there’s a retreat below for you.

Best Meditation Retreats in Europe

Be ready to feel inspired with these excellent choices of European retreats that will soothe your busy life.

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6 Day Meditation Retreat with Yoga and Hiking in Aljezur, Portugal

Immerse yourself for just less than a week in the beautiful nature that surrounds this retreat destination in Portugal. With plenty of free time, this retreat is a gift to yourself to be with you. You’ll begin your mornings with daily breathwork and a silent meditation, with all meals scheduled. But between those meet-up times your retreat is yours to spend time in stillness, hiking in the area, or evening joining a yoga class. This meditation retreat is one of the most popular in Europe, so certainly don’t miss passing up a peek!

Image by Natural Zest

8 Day Beachside Beginners Tai Chi and Qigong Wellness Holiday in Messinia, Greece

Tai chi and qigong are like a moving meditation that works with your breath and energy to create a complete sense of calm. A week of these activities in a destination as beautiful as Greece is a real treat for your soul. Spend up to 5 hours a day practicing these new techniques, as taught for beginners on this retreat, along with guided hikes, visits to waterfalls, and delicious, home-grown Greek food with evenings spent in local tavernas. A special bonus of this retreat is that it’s a wonderful alternative to larger group retreats and you can book this retreat individually or as a group, but there will always only be 6 participants maximum.

Image by Hridaya Yoga France

12 Day Silent Meditation and Yoga Retreat in Beautiful Beaujolais, Saint-Just-d’Avray, France

Explore the essence of who you really are and connect to yourself on a deeper level by giving yourself the opportunity to slow down, spend time still, and find the space for reflection. This meditation retreat in France is an optimal opportunity to do just so, alongside other like-minded individuals who are using their time to find or rediscover themselves. Through daily meditations, yoga classes, and lectures that dive into spiritual topics that will inspire and ignite you, you will no doubt leave this retreat with a new found sense of understanding for yourself and maybe even the world. Further techniques are also taught for moving deeper into your meditation practice, as well as daily vegan meals are included.

Image by Tai Chi Fuerteventura Wellbeing Retreat

8 Day Tai Chi, Qigong, and Taoist Yoga Holiday in Fuerteventura, Canary Islands, Spain

For a week full of mindful movement under the sun and excursions to explore the beauty of the area, join this meditation retreat in Spain. Tai chi, qigong, Taoist gymnastics, and yin yoga are weaved as practices through your time on this retreat to ground and centre you. But between classes you’re welcome to join in a catamaran cruise to spot dolphins, witness volcanoes, and beaches, and take your practice of new techniques outside. A number of meals (brunches and dinners) are included, as well as 2 acupuncture treatments to leave you feeling oh so good after this vacation.

Image by Song of the River Retreat Sanctuary

2 Day Healing Meditation Retreat in Wales, United Kingdom

This short break is ideal for those who wish to have a private retreat, whether that be on your own or with someone you’d like to share this experience with. Over the course of 2 days you’ll have a discovery session where your guide and host will learn more about you to assist you along your healing journey. Your sessions include a mix of healing therapies that include crystal harp sound meditation, Egyptian rod healing meditation, and a pyramid healing session. Since it is a private retreat in a cozy, bungalow home, it’s up to you when you take your quiet time to yourself or move through the healing modalities.

Image by Maitri Retreats

8 Day Silent Zen Meditation and Yin Yoga Retreat in Algarve, Portugal

A week to yourself could be of great realizations, as many of the answers to cure our woe’s or give us direction our found without ourselves. Head to the beautiful Algarve region of Portugal to not only reconnect to nature on mindful walks but reconnect to yourself in silent meditation. Find the space in your body through yin yoga, just like you will in your mind through meditation. Find yourself craving more stillness and you time once you leave this retreat, and while here embrace the gift that you’ve already given yourself.

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