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11 Inspiring Yoga Retreats in Europe

11 Inspiring Yoga Retreats in Europe

From Portugal to Montenegro, Spain to Norway, these yoga retreats in Europe include retreats in the top, most popular destinations, and beyond (for a bit of something different!). These retreats were hand-picked based on their top reviews, stunning destinations, mix of yoga styles, and retreat length. Note that most of these retreats can be shorter or longer and that all have multiple booking dates so be sure to take a peek at them all!

Where are the best yoga retreats in Europe?

Europe is obviously massive and while there are plenty of retreats spread across the continent, these destinations offer the most choices, and for good reason.

  • Portugal: Portugal is such a hot spot for yoga retreats because many combine surfing and hiking, both activities that are often paired with yoga. Add in the fact that Portugal is absolutely stunning, and is the cheapest country in western Europe…it makes it an extremely popular destination for a yoga holiday.
  • Spain: Spain’s Canary Islands attract people for yoga retreats for relaxation and beautiful views. But you can find retreats in Spain from Barcelona to Ibiza, and even retreats that are hosted on a sailboat.
  • Italy: Once again, because Italy is on the coast, many yoga retreats are held here to combine activities in the water with yoga. Add in some Italian food and a relaxing atmosphere and you’ve got a top destination for yoga retreats.
  • Greece: As another popular destination for relaxing holidays, Greece entices visitors not just for its scenery but because the country has so much to offer. Here you can find retreats across many of the Greek Islands and on the mainland in the hills.
  • United Kingdom: The UK is a great spot for countryside cottage retreats and to be immersed in nature. Many retreats in the UK are shorter, making them ideal for weekend getaways.

Where should I book yoga retreats?


My personal go-to, BookYogaRetreats is where I personally do my research to find the best yoga retreats based on location and reviews. I love the search functions and details they give upon first glance, like what language the retreat is taught in and if multiple booking dates are available.


Another great choice to research where to book a retreat, BookRetreats offers many different kinds of retreats including meditation, and overall wellness retreats. I love the option to choose what kind of atmosphere I want, for example, for couples, families, or solo travellers.

Why not just book direct? You can! But I definitely recommend looking through either of these sites to read reviews. They have great search options and they can help you find retreats you may not ever know existed!

Europe Yoga Retreats Quick Picks



Yoga Styles



Relaxing Yoga, Meditation & Massage Holiday

3-8 days

Hatha & Yin

Cascais, Portugal

Rejuvenating Pilates & Yoga Retreat

8 days

Hatha, Vinyasa, & Yin

Fuerteventura, Spain

Stand-Up Paddle & Yoga Holiday

5 days

Vinyasa & Yin

Ragusa, Italy

Peaceful Country Yoga Retreat

3 days

Hatha, Yin, Nidra, Dynamic & more

Kent, UK

Relaxing Yoga Holiday

8 days

Hatha, Ieygar & Restorative

Paros Island, Greece

Yoga & Mindfulness Holiday

4 days


New Ross, Ireland

Yoga & Adventure 5 Elements Retreat

7 days

Hatha, Vinyasa & Yin

Rovinji, Croatia

Urban Yoga Retreat

6 days

Vinyasa, Dynamic & Ashtanga

Barcelona, Spain

More Than Just Yoga Retreat

7 days

Hatha, Vipassana, Yin & Restorative

Alesund, Norway

Vinyasa Yoga Retreat

7 days

Vinyasa & Yin

Ibiza, Spain

Yoga Holiday

8 days

Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, Restorative & Ashtanga

Corfu, Greece

Top Yoga Retreats in Europe

Image by The Salty Pelican

4 Day Relaxing Yoga, Meditation, and Massage Holiday in Cascais, Portugal

Portugal has an abundance of yoga retreats and this specific retreat is one of the most popular and reviewed retreats in the country. With a stellar location that’s seaside so that you can wake up and practice some yang yoga by the water is just one of the reasons why this Portugal yoga retreat is a top choice.

Just 25 minutes from Lisbon airport, joining this retreat means that you get to flow it out yang or yin style on a secluded national park beach, can mediate with the sunrise, and explore the must-see Sintra National Park (it’s full of stunningly beautiful palaces!). This retreat can be longer too, up to 8 days and 7 nights if you prefer a longer holiday that fits your schedule. But the best part is that this retreat is very affordable!

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Image by Azulfit Yoga & Pilates Retreats

8 Day Rejuvenating Pilates and Yoga Retreat in Villaverde, Fuerteventura, Spain

Spain is another hot spot for yoga retreats in Europe and there are so many to choose from that it can be a little overwhelming. This specific yoga retreat in Spain is one of the most popular and it surely doesn’t disappoint with its views, stunning facilities, delicious meals, and mixing pilates into the schedule. For a healthy getaway that includes Hatha, vinyasa, and yin yoga classes in the Canary Islands, look no further. You’ll also have the option for further learning opportunities on nutrition and essential oils through workshops between yoga, pilates, and mediation classes. And of course, time to relax by the pool.

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Image by Floripa Yoga & Kitesurf House

4 Day Kitesurf, Stand-Up Paddle (SUP) and Yoga Holidays in Sicily, Province of Ragusa

Image by Floripa Yoga & Kitesurf House Not often thought of as a yoga destination, Italy actually plays host to quite a number of retreats for all levels across the country. A favourite is this yoga retreat in Sicily that encourages you to go with the flow, listen to your body, and create a schedule that works for your day-to-day.

Your days will begin practicing yoga as the sun rises and you have the option to spend the days as you want, joining in for communal meals. A second yoga class a day is an option, or you can learn to SUP, kitesurf, or surf from one of the instructors. Plus you have the option to join in on workshops that include arm balances, inversions, backbends, and SUP yoga. This Italy yoga retreat can be as short as 3 days and as long as 10.

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Image by Yoga Retreat Holidays

3 Day Peaceful Country Delight Yoga Retreat in East Sussex, UK

Peaceful yoga retreats don’t have to be in a warm Mediterranean destination. Spending time in the English countryside surrounded by greenery is just as beautiful. With a number of yoga retreats in the UK available, this retreat in Kent takes the cake. Yoga classes that are offered are a mix of yoga styles that include Hatha, yin, dynamic, restorative, and even yoga Nidra. A sound healing meditation is also included and an introduction to Qigong meditation, which is similar to Tai Chi.

After your long weekend in a country homestay, you’ll leave refreshed, rejuvenated, and have learned a bit more about yoga with so many styles included.

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Image by Yoga Holidays & Retreats

8 Day Hatha Yoga Holiday with Oona on the Beautiful Greek Island Paros

I don’t think I need to sell you on reasons why you should visit Greece, and one of the most fabulous islands, Paros. But how about practicing yoga with this island as your backdrop? This yoga retreat in Greece is an ideal location to unwind and relax.

Before or after daily yoga you have the option to explore Paros and the small fishing village where the retreat takes place, go on walks, and visit other parts of the island including beaches. Plus, this retreat is great for solo travellers too and making friends with like-minded people. Sounds like heaven to me! Yoga styles that are taught include Hatha, Iyengar, and restorative.

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Image by Creacon Wellness Retreat

4 Day Yoga and Mindfulness Holiday in New Ross, County Wexford, Ireland

Hop over to the peaceful Irish countryside for a long weekend retreat that includes as much learning as it does movement. Between workshops and Tibetan yoga classes, this Ireland yoga retreat will help you take a further dive into yoga, meditation, and what it really means beyond the physical practice.

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Image by Five Elements Retreats, Yoga and Adventure

7 Day Transforming Experience With Yoga and Adventure Five Elements Retreats in Rovinj, Croatia

If a retreat that is a mix of yoga and adventure in a beautiful destination is on your mind then look no further. Located in the beautiful town of Rovinj, this Croatia yoga retreat is designed to transform your life and take you on adventures on your mat and around the seriously stunning Istria region of Croatia.

Practice Hatha, vinyasa, and yin, participate in meditations and join in on workshops to strengthen your body and mind. Then join tours that will take you on a boat around Rovinj’s archipelago, windsurfing, biking, kayaking, SUPing, and hiking to picturesque viewpoints. Talk about full days that will inspire you to grow.

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Image by Yoga Weeks

6 Day Urban Yoga Retreat in Barcelona, Catalonia

Getting a relaxing trip in doesn’t mean that you have to travel to the beach or the countryside, especially not with a Spanish retreat like this one in bustling Barcelona. With the option to book 3-10 days, your urban retreat is what you make it.

This retreat space is modern with yoga classes taught every morning and evening (these ones are on the rooftop!) in styles that include vinyasa, dynamic, and Ashtanga.

You’ll be right in the heart of Barcelona, yet tucked away so that it’s quiet, but still be only minutes to the beach, and surrounded by impressive architecture in the gothic neighbourhood.

Image by Vivian Shang

7 Day More Than Just Yoga in Ålesund, Norway

The perfect getaway for mountain lovers, this yoga retreat in Norway encourages you to slow down, connect with nature, and your body. Your days on this retreat will be a combination of vipassana mediation, yin, and restorative yoga, alongside hikes to impressive lookouts (it is Norway after all). Beyond nature itself, you will also have free time to explore towns, the area’s history, and more.

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Image by Yoga Weeks

7 Day Vinyasa Yoga Retreat in Ibiza, Spain

Think Ibiza is just for party lovers? Think again. This striking island is far more than nightclubs, loud music, and dancing until the sun comes up. There are many spots in Ibiza that invite you to relax and enjoy the scenery that this island has to offer.

On this week-long yoga retreat you’ll be within walking distance of the beach (but also have a pool on-location), have sunset meditation sessions, and daily yoga classes offered in vinyasa and yin styles. Delicious buffet meals, massage treatments, and yoga theory chats at night will help you to deepen your practice.

Image by Just Relax Yoga Holidays

8 Day Yoga Holiday in Corfu, Greece

One of the most popular yoga retreats in Greece, this retreat gives you a lot of time to explore and make the retreat your own. Begin your trip with a welcome massage, followed by days with 2 yoga classes in Hatha, vinyasa, yin, restorative, or Ashtanga (depending on the teacher), and plenty of free time for exploration or to lounge on the beach that is nearby.

If none of these retreats are not quite what you’re after there are SO many more options. Check out BookYogaRetreats or BookRetreats for more inspiration!

Enjoy your yoga vacation!

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