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Yoga Philosophy

Think yoga philosophy is just for yoga teachers? Think again! I believe that all benefit from the ancient knowledge that yoga has passed down from teacher to student for centuries. Though this knowledge is old, I adopt it to help you fit into your modern yoga lifestyle so you can experience the benefits of yoga on and off the mat as a yoga teacher to share with your students or use for yourself in your own yoga practice.


Learn how to harness the power of these energy centers through practical yoga tips. Want to practice chakra yoga? Find guided Asana (physical) sequences here.

Chakra Affirmations

8 Limbs of Yoga & Yoga Sutras

Adapt traditional yoga knowledge to your modern yoga life with useful yoga tips and advice that you can practice daily.

Yoga Lifestyle

These articles detail how to live your yoga.

Yoga Habits

Yoga Off-the-Mat

What’s next?

Put your yoga practices into action with one-on-one support to guide you through the uneven path of self-doubt, indecision, and lack of direction. Your next step is Sacred Exploration.