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Yoga Retreats

Yoga Retreats

As yoga continues to spread its way across the globe, it has spread from the east to the west, helping many yoga practitioners fall in love with the practice. With more and more people being introduced to the beneficial aspects of yoga both mentally and physically it’s no surprise that yoga vacations are on the rise with yoga retreats popping up in dream destinations around the world.

Whether you’re here to get inspired by where to travel next for a yoga trip or to learn how to incorporate your yoga practice into your travels, this is the place for you to be. Yoga travel is not a trend that is going anywhere, it’s here to stay, which means our options for yoga holidays are truly endless. Get inspiration on the top yoga destinations around the globe, find out where to look for yoga retreats online and in-person, and even be introduced to yoga teacher training.

What do I (Taylor), know about yoga and travel? I’m a Yoga Alliance certified vinyasa and yin yoga teacher and I’ve been travel blogging since 2015. Having done yoga retreats in person, and done my yoga training in-person (200-hour) and online (300-hour) means that I know what to look out for and can give you my best tips for experiencing both. Yoga and travel are my two biggest passions, and I only share the best with you.

How to Pick a Yoga Destination & Retreat

With yoga vacations available in so many countries across the globe, you’ve got more than a few options. Get started by learning about the most popular destinations, and my top tips for choosing a retreat experience that is suitable to you, your level, and your needs. And if a destination doesn’t matter to you, I’ve listed the top yoga retreat experiences based on what else you want to experience (yoga and wine anyone?).

Online Yoga

A certain event from 2020 has completely transformed how we practice yoga. While practicing in-person will never be replaced, online yoga is here to stay and is a great alternative for those who need a re-set without having to travel. Yoga online has even given many the ability to learn how to teach yoga, with online yoga teacher training becoming ever more popular, and affordable. And if you want to practice with me online, don’t miss my flows on YouTube.

Yoga Retreats in Europe

Europe has the largest range of yoga retreat options. From the Alps in Switzerland to the coastal shores of Spain, among the vast green spaces in Ireland, to the Mediterranean waters in Greece, a European yoga retreat is never a bad idea. Many retreats in Europe include hiking, surfing, and range in price with many budget to luxury options.

Yoga Retreats in Asia

The continent where yoga was born calls in curious visitors wishing to get a little closer to yoga’s roots. While India is an obvious top choice, many other countries nearby offer incredible retreat experiences in budget-friendly destinations where you can flow it out on your mat beside the ocean, in the sand, or in the jungle.

Yoga Retreats in Latin America

A major hub for yoga that those from North America can easily reach means that countries in Latin America are an excellent choice for those short on time or need a getaway that is closer than Asia or even Europe. You’ll find no shortage of retreat options here with so many incredible teachers opting to host retreats in these beautiful countries.

Yoga Retreats in North America

Joining a yoga retreat in the USA or Canada most often means that you’ll be practicing in nature. These vast countries are a prime place to connect more with yourself and nature as you deepen your practice on your mat.

Yoga Retreats in Oceania

Yoga Retreats in Africa

Yoga Destination Guides

Get in-depth guides to some of the world’s best yoga destinations on where to practice including retreats and studios.

Yoga Travel Tips

Yoga is an incredible practice that can truly be done anywhere. Whether or not you’re heading on a yoga holiday, these yoga travel tips will help you keep up your practice and make it more adaptable for long flights, busy travel days, and travelling with a yoga mat.

Yoga Retreat Reviews

Head to the places that I’ve been! Get the details on what’s to love at these retreats that I’ve personally reviewed in-depth.

Where to Book Yoga Retreats

Yoga retreats can always be booked direct, but for finding and booking retreats I recommend using a booking platform where you can search for a destination and narrow down results by price, length, and more. Plus, you can find reviews and get a better idea of what you can expect and have a clear cancellation policy.

For volunteering opportunities (as a yoga teacher or for other duties) I recommend Worldpackers. Use the code TAYLORSTRACKS for $10 off when you sign up!