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Is this Highly Rated Retreat the Best in Bali?

Is this Highly Rated Retreat the Best in Bali?

During my research of yoga retreats in Bali, I kept seeing one retreat pop-up that caught my curiosity: Firefly Retreat Center. Always highly rated, this simple yoga retreat is praised by participants. But with so much competition from luxury retreat centers, hotels, and many other retreat experiences across the island, why is this one center drawing in so much attention? And more importantly, would something simple be best suited for you?

After chatting with Firefly Retreat Center, I believe that the philosophy behind its mission, its well-developed schedule, and its inspiring story are reasons enough that every type of yogi should attend to experience growth.

Read on for an exclusive interview and get to know the powerful experiences that drive this retreat to be so life-changing.

What makes Firefly Retreat Center a life-changing experience?

Firefly Retreat, a guest-based haven, stands out with its meticulously organized schedule, fostering deep connections among participants. Founded by a resilient refugee who survived a sinking boat disaster, the retreat’s unique energy stems from an uncommon experience, making it a distinctive hub for personal growth and lasting bonds.

What kind of yogi or traveler is this retreat ideal for?

Our retreat is well-suited for both beginner and intermediate yogis who are traveling solo and seeking connections with like-minded solo travelers.

You make it clear that Firefly Retreat is a budget retreat. Do you think this is better than a luxurious retreat to embrace the yogic lifestyle?

Our emphasis is on attracting participants based on the quality of our programs rather than the opulence of accommodation. We firmly believe that a retreat is a sanctuary for self-improvement, rejuvenation, and preparation for the next chapter in life. Our approach is rooted in the belief that a retreat need not be luxurious to fulfill its purpose.

I’m coming to the retreat solo. Are there usually other solo travelers?

Our retreat is specifically designed for solo travelers, and the majority of our guests are solo females.

What styles of yoga are taught? Who are the teachers? 

Our diverse team of instructors employs various teaching methods and styles. We intentionally haven’t specified particular yoga types on our schedule, allowing our experienced teachers the flexibility to determine the most suitable style for each group.

What does a typical schedule look like during the retreat?

Our daily schedule includes two yoga classes along with a variety of enriching activities. Centered around Balinese culture and herbal medicine, these activities encompass a Balinese offering workshop, an Introduction to Herbal Medicine session, a cooking class, a Herbal Drink Making class, a Chocolate Making workshop, Medicinal Tea Tasting, and a unique Balinese excursion offering an authentic experience of local lifestyle.

Is there any free time? What is there to see and do when I’m not practicing yoga?

While there’s limited free time between scheduled activities, Fridays offer a more relaxed schedule with only morning and evening yoga sessions. This provides guests with ample time to explore the surrounding area.

There are a ton of yoga retreats available in Bali. What makes Firefly Retreat Center different?

Firefly Retreat stands out as the only retreat center in Bali exclusively welcoming guests from Sundays to Saturdays—no arrivals on other days or shorter/longer stays are accommodated. This unique approach fosters a sense of community, allowing participants ample time to connect and build friendships. Unlike some retreats, we embrace a more relaxed atmosphere, focusing on activities rooted in herbal medicine and Balinese culture rather than overly modern or new-age practices.

What’s included and what’s extra?

Accommodation, programs, and meals are all-inclusive. However, transportation and any extra activities are not covered and would be an additional cost.

How long should I stay in Ubud before or after the retreat? Where else should I go while in Bali?

Deciding where and how long to spend in Bali largely depends on personal preferences, as each part of Bali offers unique experiences. For a more authentic taste of tradition and nature, I recommend exploring East Bali and Amed. These areas are less touristy compared to the south, providing a greater opportunity to witness the real traditions of Bali. Amed, in particular, is renowned for its snorkeling opportunities.

P.S: I have a full guide to Ubud and a detailed, personalized Bali itinerary.

Anything else I should know before booking?

It’s important to note that our retreat is not a luxury experience, and we do not have designated gurus or healers on site. Instead, Firefly Retreat is designed as a holiday retreat, where we believe that each individual is their own guru. Our philosophy emphasizes self-discovery, and we do not adhere to guruism.

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My Seal of Approval

As a yoga teacher and wellness travel writer who does a ton of research on yoga retreats around the world…Firefly Retreat Center is easily one I can recommend with confidence. I too often see retreats offering luxury experiences with little to do with the practice of yoga.

I’m a teacher who is constantly striving to help people take yoga off of the mat, to realize its power beyond the physical (Asana) practice. It’s a joy to see Firefly Retreat Center doing just that through its practices and mission. If you want yoga to be more than a workout, this retreat is ideal for you.

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