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Body Image & Acceptance

Body Image & Acceptance

We each have a personal story when it comes to our bodies, how we feel about ourselves, and how our confidence (whether lacking or radiating) came to be. But what we all have in common is how the media has shaped our societal standards when it comes to beauty, weight, looks, and body image overall. Women especially, around the globe, are taught to hate themselves, to constantly improve themselves, and to fit into a mold that literally no one can fit into. For what? To please men, mostly, and to have our lives dictated by the patriarchy.

I too used to hate my body. I thought it was the reason that held me back from doing what I wanted and being who I wanted. I know from first-hand experience the powerful ways our views of ourselves, specifically our bodies can play in our lives. And I don’t want anyone to be held back by themselves or others because of how they are viewed for their looks.

Together, let’s normalize normal bodies, feel great in our skin, and inspire others to do so too, simply by being ourselves. This is your go-to page when you need a boost in confidence, inspiration to feel better in your body, and to find tips on working on your body image and body acceptance.

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