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“I Feel Fat” & Other Body Image Phrases to Stop Saying

“I Feel Fat” & Other Body Image Phrases to Stop Saying

A lot of people are coming to terms with the fact that our society is very fat phobic. And if this is news to you…you’re not alone. It’s definitely worth considering how some of the things that we say that are “normal” could be fat phobic.

It’s no secret that we’re a culture obsessed with size, weight, and appearance. Where gaining weight is deemed as one of the worst things that someone can do, and losing weight is seen as something to celebrate, it’s no wonder why these body image phrases below have become so common.

But just because they’re common doesn’t mean that we should consider saying them. There’s no shame in saying these phrases, I do too (but am trying to use other phrases!). But it’s the awareness that you get from this article and what you do with it that will either continue to contribute to or help change our fat-phobic society.

Fat is not a bad thing. It’s just something we all have on our bodies, it’s something we need as a part of our diet. Eating fat or being fat is not the end of the world. Our bodies are just one part of ourselves. It’s time we stopped putting so much emphasis on how one looks compared to the idealized beauty standards and instead start focusing more on what really matters – how people treat each other.

These are 5 phrases that are way too common that are rooted in fatphobia, plus some ideas of what you can say instead!

1. I Feel Fat

Fat is not a feeling. You have fat, that’s it. By continuing to use this fatphobic phrase we continue to emphasize that having fat is a bad thing. Newsflash: Having fat is not the end of the world.

Things to say instead:

  • I feel bloated.
  • I feel sluggish.
  • I feel tired.

2. Have you lost weight?

This brings attention to someone’s looks and places worth on how much or little someone weighs. Continuing to ask this upholds the belief that being smaller means better. Nope. Weight does not determine worth.

Things to say instead:

  • You are radiating.
  • Your energy feels great.
  • How are you feeling?

3. You’re so brave!

This is in regards to someone wearing something that is not deemed “flattering” for their body. Brave for what? For wearing what we want? For being ourselves? For wearing what people of a smaller size wear everyday without a second thought or praise?

Things to say instead:

  • I admire you.
  • You are fabulous.
  • Thanks for being you.

4. Feel better, you’re beautiful!

Once again, this draws attention to looks and this time, points out that they’re more important than how an individual feels, which is simply untrue and totally disregards mental health.

Things to say instead:

  • I hope you feel better.
  • Can I do anything to help?
  • I’m here if you need me.

5. Beach body

There is no such thing as a beach body, your body is your everyday body. By continuing to use this term we continue to tell ourselves that our body must look different to go to the beach or wear a bathing suit, which is simply not true. Wear what you freakin’ want no matter your size.

Things to say instead:

  • Body
  • Tanned body
  • Sun-kissed body
  • Body in a bikini/bathing suit

Continue your body image journey!

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