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29 Positive Body Affirmations to Boost Your Body Image

29 Positive Body Affirmations to Boost Your Body Image

In a world where we’re taught to hate our bodies, are told that we’re constantly not enough looks-wise, and that we must always be skinnier, thinner, stronger, more hourglass, taller, or have each body part look a certain way, it’s no wonder we have so much self-hate and negative talk towards our bodies.

Enter positive body affirmations. They will sound weird. They’ll feel weird saying them because for many they are so unfamiliar.

Just know that you do not have to hate your body. You also don’t have to love it. But you can certainly accept it and live your life putting yourself down less, and do more things. I don’t think anyone should ever be limited in what they do (whether that’s self-limitations or not) because of how they think or feel about their body or how their body is viewed.

Use these body positivity affirmations to help ignite your body acceptance journey so that you can get on with your life because your body is the least interesting thing about you.

What are body positive affirmations?

Body positive affirmations are just like other affirmations except that they focus on saying things to yourself in regards to your body image. Affirmations are phrases that are repeated either out loud, in your head, or by writing them down. It’s believed that repeating positive phrases will help to reframe your mind and how you think about, in this case, your body.

I’m not saying or promising that repeating any of these phrases is going to make you love your body, but I can attest that from personal experience they did help me see my body in a new light.

I do want to note that it’s normal to have bad body image days. There are going to be days when you truthfully don’t feel that any of these affirmations are true. That’s okay. Bad days are normal and ignoring them to push through with positivity isn’t always healthy either. Always use your best judgment for when you need a pick me up (use affirmations) and when you just need to have a shitty day.

How do you start affirmations?

It is really quite simple…however you want! But here are a couple of ideas to get you started. These are some of my personal favourite ways to incorporate affirmations, specifically for body image.

  1. Stand in front of a mirror and look yourself directly in the eyes. Don’t worry about what your body looks like. Just look in your eyes and say your chosen affirmations out loud. Opt to stand in superwoman pose (stance wide, hands-on hips) for an extra boost of confidence.
  2. Get some markers to write on your mirror and write your chosen affirmations on the mirrors that you look in every day for consistent reminders.
  3. Have a morning journal ritual where you write out your favourite affirmations for the day, whatever you need to hear the most. I typically stick to 3-5 per day and just write them down once each.
  4. Silently repeat affirmations of your choice in your head whenever you want but especially so when trying on clothes or doing activities where your body is what you’re focused on.

Positive Affirmations for Body Image

Pick what you like, leave what you don’t, or use these as inspiration to make your own!

I Am Positive Affirmations

Many people love to start with “I am” affirmations, but if it doesn’t feel true enough to you saying “I am”, replace it with “It’s possible for me to feel…”.

  • I am strong.
  • I am beautiful.
  • I am enough.
  • I am gorgeous.
  • I am at home in my body.
  • I am grateful for what my body can do.
  • I am kind to my body.

You might also love these self worth affirmations!

Body Love Affirmations

Learn to love and respect your body through this set of affirmations.

  • My body is beautiful.
  • My body is unique.
  • My body is my home.
  • My body is a masterpiece.
  • My body is magnificent.
  • My body deserves love.
  • My body deserves respect.
  • My body deserves care.
  • My body is capable.

Body Self Esteem Affirmations

Focus on boosting your body image self-esteem with these affirmations.

  • The number on the scale does not define me.
  • I deserve to feel great about my body.
  • I deserve to accept my body.
  • I radiate beauty.
  • I radiate joy.
  • Every body is unique
  • Every body is beautiful.
  • Every body is sexy.
  • My size is beautiful.
  • My size is worthy.
  • My flaws are made-up BS.
  • My size does not determine my worth.
  • Size is just a number.

Continue your body image journey!

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