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75 Self-Worth Affirmations to Skyrocket Your Confidence

75 Self-Worth Affirmations to Skyrocket Your Confidence

Affirmations are a beautiful, meaningful, and courageous way to take hold of your self-talk, how you feel about yourself, and your energy. Through the power of this simple activity, you can begin to step into your true self, embrace yourself just as you are, and strive for a life full of worth, love, and confidence.

Affirmations are my favorite way to change my mood, how I feel, accept the rough times, and ultimately my life. Especially in the beginning, affirmations were how I first started noticing just how negatively I was speaking to myself. Today I continue to use affirmations and hope to pass on valuable tips to you. The following affirmations for self-worth are just a place to start. Pick the ones that feel the most true (or close to the truth) for you right now and watch yourself grow into your worthiness.

Examples of Self-Worth Affirmations

A mix of “I am worthy” affirmations and general worth affirmations, let this list be your starting point. Either take my words or use them to inspire affirmations for worthiness for yourself. There’s no right or wrong here, just words that spark a light in your body and encourage you to continue practicing affirmations.

  1. I am worthy of happiness.
  2. I am worthy of self-love.
  3. I am worthy of my dreams.
  4. Today, I choose me.
  5. Today is a new day.
  6. My thoughts can be changed.
  7. I am always worthy.
  8. I believe in my own self-worth.
  9. I accept myself exactly as I am now.
  10. I embrace who I am, as I am.
  11. I do enough.
  12. I am worthy of rest.
  13. I value action and rest equally.
  14. I am whole.
  15. I am constantly growing, evolving, and becoming my best self.
  16. I am currently being my best self.
  17. I invite worthiness into my life.
  18. I invite positive change into my life.
  19. I am confident in my self-worth.
  20. I witness my own self-worth daily.
  21. My beauty lies both inside and out.
  22. My time is important.
  23. I value my time as much as I do others’.
  24. I uphold my own self-integrity.
  25. I follow through on my promises to myself.
  26. My self-worth grows daily.
  27. I can find my worth at any moment.
  28. My self-worth is always available to me.
  29. I choose to grow.
  30. I choose to see the best in myself.
  31. I choose to see these circumstances as temporary.
  32. My worth is unconditional.
  33. I am worthy of success.
  34. I have everything I need to succeed.
  35. I am admired by others.
  36. I admire myself.
  37. I like who I am.
  38. I like who I am becoming.
  39. My self-worth is consistent.
  40. I see the worth in my dreams.
  41. My dreams are worthy of coming true.
  42. My actions and thoughts are a reflection of my self-worth. I can change them if I wish to.
  43. I am powerful in my worth.
  44. I am grateful for who I am.
  45. I am grateful for where I am.
  46. My self-worth radiates outwards.
  47. My energy is magnetic.
  48. I determine my success.
  49. I am worthy of the love I receive.
  50. I am worthy of the compliments I receive.
  51. I know I am worthy.
  52. I know my limits.
  53. I know I am capable.
  54. I believe in myself.
  55. I believe in my dreams.
  56. My journey is worthy of time, love, and peace.
  57. My worth is defined by me.
  58. My worth is defined on my own terms.
  59. I accept that I am worthy.
  60. I believe that I am worthy.
  61. I deserve to feel good about myself.
  62. I am deserving of my own self-love.
  63. I am deserving of kindness.
  64. My opinion matters.
  65. I am capable of achieving my goals.
  66. I am capable of whatever I put my mind to.
  67. I am a beautiful contribution to this world.
  68. I contribute love to myself and others.
  69. Doing my best is enough.
  70. Being me is enough.
  71. I see the worth in being me.
  72. I understand that I am forever evolving.
  73. I understand that I bring good things to this world and others.
  74. I am capable of being happy.
  75. My happiness is not determined by my worth.

What are positive affirmations for self-worth? Do they work?

Put simply, affirmations are words, phrases, or mantras that we repeat to ourselves over and over, both consciously and subconsciously. Affirmations can be negative, and it’s most likely those negative ones that you’re trying to get past! Positive affirmations can replace or help you rethink the words you say to yourself through the power of repetition.

Affirmations are a practice that affects the neuroplasticity of your brain. Some experts believe that mental illnesses such as depression can be caused by a neuroplasticity pattern that isn’t firing correctly. So if these patterns are corrected they could help create new, positive patterns that are beneficial to finding more peace.

I am not suggesting that affirmations are enough to cure depression, simply that there could be a link.

Know that just because an affirmation doesn’t feel like it’s “working” doesn’t mean it isn’t. You’ve spent years saying the same negative words to yourself and beating yourself up. Whether you did it on purpose or not doesn’t matter.

The point is that you’re here now, ready to improve how you speak to yourself and positive affirmations are here to help. But they will take time. You’re basically teaching yourself how to talk to yourself in a new way, moving away from a way that you’ve done maybe even for decades. Be kind to yourself, and be patient.

How to Use Affirmations in Your Life

Write Affirmations on Your Mirror

One of my personal favorite ways to use affirmations is to write whatever affirmation I’m focusing on a mirror that I look into every day. It could be in your bathroom so that every time you wash your hands you see the affirmation right in front of you. Or it could be in whatever mirror to use to check yourself before you leave the house. No washable pen? Use a sticky note! It doesn’t have to be a mirror, just place your favorite affirmation somewhere you’ll see it frequently. The more you think about it, the easier it will become to believe it.

Repeat Affirmations to Yourself While Looking in a Mirror

A powerful practice that can be a part of a morning or nighttime routine, saying affirmations while looking in a mirror, and making eye contact with yourself is amazing. While it can seem intimidating at first, it gets easier! I recommend standing in a superwoman pose, with your feet in a strong, wide stance and your hands on your hips. Look into your own eyes and say each affirmation with meaning.

Write Affirmations in a Journal as a Routine

Writing is another powerful way to use affirmations. I find it best to make it part of a routine, like just before you go to bed, or while you have your morning coffee so that it’s easy to remember to do it. Attaching a new habit to an existing one will help you actually do it too! Pick 1-3 affirmations to focus on and write just once a day each in a journal or even the notes app on your phone. You always have the option to write them more, some believe this helps as well.

Use Affirmations as Your Intention in a Yoga Class or Meditation

I’m a yoga teacher and I always encourage students to set an intention for their practice (I do it for my own practices as well). Whether it be meditation or the physical practice of yoga (asana), moving or breathing with an intention can be a transformative tool for your energy and thoughts. Whenever you come to stillness or notice your thoughts floating away from what you’re doing, come back to your intention, in this case, your affirmation, and repeat it to focus your practice again.

Try one of these practices from this playlist or subscribe on YouTube for more yoga classes centered around loving your journey and your body.

Pull an Affirmation Card

Affirmation cards are a great way to notice and focus on what you’re feeling in a moment without trying to escape. Affirmation cards are available, or you can use tarot, oracle, or animal spirit cards to spark inspiration in the moment to create an affirmation. Pull a card and notice how it makes you feel. Either use the affirmation on the card or create your own to repeat to yourself a couple of times or use it throughout the day to help guide you through until night.

Give a Crystal or Object an Affirmation

I’m not here to promise that crystals do anything special like healing. But I do believe that crystals are a great tool to use as reminders. For me, they’re beautiful decorations in my home and whenever I look at them I think of what each crystal means. This in itself is a wonderful way to find more time in your day for affirmations. Give a crystal or an object that has meaning to you an affirmation and every time you see it, repeat the affirmation to yourself.

What’s the difference between self worth, self esteem, and self love?

Self worth, self esteem, self love, and even self confidence are all similar, but slightly different. All of these are inherently linked. Improve one and it will have an impact on the others.

Self love is similar to self-acceptance. It is an appreciation or gratitude for ourselves, and how we care for ourselves, such as our well-being and happiness in life.

Self-esteem is how we feel about ourselves. It’s how we feel about our abilities and our self-respect.

Self-confidence is how we trust ourselves. How we trust our thoughts, our abilities, our decisions, and how we judge ourselves.

Self worth can be another term for self esteem, but I believe that there is a difference. While self esteem is how we feel about ourselves, self worth is knowing you have value despite how you feel, think, or what you do.

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What’s next?

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