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9 Tips on Body Appreciation For Good & Bad Days

9 Tips on Body Appreciation For Good & Bad Days

On the hard days when you feel like shit is can feel really damn hard to appreciate your body. But here’s the secret…you don’t have to appreciate your body every day. In fact, doing so can lead to toxic positivity which isn’t great either. Body appreciation is an ongoing process and no one is 100% every day.

So no matter what kind of body image day you’re having, good or bad, here are a few ways on how to appreciate your body even when you feel like shit.

Body Appreciation Tips You Can Use Any Day (Good or Bad)

Take what you like, leave what you don’t. These are just my personal recommendations on what works for me, and not even these work every day for me, it’s always different so pay attention to what works for you depending on your mood!

1. Movement

This can be physically moving your body such as yoga, walking, a few quick jumping jacks, etc. Or, it can be physically changing your environment by moving to another room, to be by yourself, or around people who uplift you.

2. Slow Down

Slow down enough that you have time to focus on yourself. Even if it’s just little things like noticing the fabric of your clothes on your skin, the taste of your food, the smell in the room. Use your senses to get you out of your head and to notice the good things you do feel.

3. Get Fresh Air

And sunlight if you can. Nature is such a great tool for healing, feeling better, and bringing us into the present moment. Choose to focus on nature and bask in the magnificence of it instead of your bad body image day. There are other things that exist in the world other than your bad day!

4. Savour the Sweets

Or whatever food you want to eat. You do not have to deny yourself comfort food if you don’t want to. And you don’t need to penalize yourself the next day either. Forcing yourself to do what you think is “right” constantly doesn’t give you the space to appreciate your body or the signals it gives you.

5. Dress Up or Get Comfy

If putting on a fabulous outfit that you feel great in helps to pick you up, do it. But if taking off your bra and wearing pyjama pants all day feels better, do that. Honour what you’re craving.

6. Get Off of Social Media

That’s right. Read this and then get the hell away from social media so that you can spend time with you and your feels and not the people who are uploading content where they look and feel their best. Comparing isn’t going to help you feel better, love.

7. Don’t Pay Attention to Your Body

By this I mean get out from in front of the mirror. You do not need to say affirmations in front of the mirror every day or focus on your looks. Your body does all it needs to do for you naturally, it’s okay if you take a day off from thinking about it.

8. Dance It Out

Put on your favourite playlist and move your body for as long as you need to shake it out. Movement helps to notice what your body can do. Being silly helps by allowing you to take life less seriously. Closing your eyes helps by getting you into your body and how it feels instead of looks.

9. Allow Yourself to Have a Bad Day

You’re human, have a bad freakin’ day or two or a week. Drop the pressure of needing to appreciate your body every day, it’ll be there for you again tomorrow!

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