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Self-love seems to be the buzzword lately that’s trending – and that’s a good thing. Self-love, in many ways, is the answer to a lot of problems that we are currently facing in today’s society.

Self-love can help improve mental health, being kind to yourself (and others) and change your life drastically for the better, and learning to love more deeply makes us better humans as a whole.

I’m sure I’m not wrong in saying that you’re pretty harsh on yourself. I am too. With this self-love movement you and I can make an impact first on ourselves and then the world (because you inspire others around you to love themselves more too!).

While I’m a big believer in focusing first and foremost on radical self-acceptance, aiming for self-love is, of course, beneficial too. May we all accept ourselves, love ourselves, and have the confidence to be our truly unique selves.

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