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5 Yoga Retreats in California that Soothe the Soul

5 Yoga Retreats in California that Soothe the Soul

There’s no denying that California is a top destination for yoga. In fact, it’s one of the most popular places to practice yoga because of the abundance of yoga teachers, studios, and nature. Whether you’re after a yoga retreat that is in a city or prefer to venture into a national park, mountains, or the countryside, California has a ton to offer when it comes to feeling relaxed, rejuvenated, and at ease and has some of the best yoga retreats in the USA.

3 Day Private Luxury Women’s Sound Healing and Yoga Retreat in Topanga Canyon

Image by Sunshine Paradise Retreat


  • Vinyasa & Restorative taught for optimal balance
  • Time in nature exploring Topanga Canyon
  • Starting from: $5129


  • Expensive

Receive support from your guide for the week with personalized practices for you or a small group. Merge nature and yoga together as you spend a long weekend indulging in a foot spa, writing in your provided journal with prompts, and deep healing sessions.

This retreat is an all-inclusive experience so you have nothing to do but show up and do the inner work.

2 Week Personal Yoga Retreat with Your Own Studio and Unlimited Yoga in Santa Barbara

Image by Santa Barbara Yoga Center


  • Unlimited yoga classes
  • Completely personalized retreat
  • Starting from: $2500


  • Nothing is included but your stay and yoga classes

Don’t let the 2-week timeframe deter you. This California retreat can be as short as 2 nights as it’s totally customizable! For this retreat, you get your own studio apartment with a space to practice by yourself or you can join in on any of the yoga classes that are hosted in the same building. It’s like having your own apartment and yoga studio next door right in the heart of Santa Barbara.

Since the location is so spectacular, you can spend your time by the nearby beach, exploring downtown, or treating yourself to blissful spa treatments to feel even more at ease, even in a bustling city.

How does an extended holiday sound? Volunteer at a yoga retreat or school to make it happen!

4 Day Digital Detox Yoga Retreat: Move, Breathe, Laugh, Play and Learn to be Well in Ramona

Image by SoCal Wellness Retreats


  • Full detox from the outside world
  • Multiple modalities included for your growth
  • Starting from: $1111


  • This is not a leisure retreat, expect to make an effort for change!

Give yourself the gift of living in the present, even if it’s just for a long weekend. Expect to take tools with you to continue practicing mindfulness in your life though once at home.

Four days are filled with yoga that’s practiced in an open-air space (how blissful), workshops on breathing, meditation, plant-based eating, and hiking in gorgeous California. All food, accommodation, and activities are included.

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3 Day Weekend Climbing, Camping, and Yoga Retreat in Joshua Tree National Park

Image by Whitney Base Camp & Climbing School


  • Pair rock climbing and yoga together in an incredible destination
  • Welcome to all levels of yoga practitioners and climbers
  • Starting from $475


  • Meals not included
  • Camping gear not included but can be rented for a small fee

For adventure lovers who adore being active and challenging themselves, this is the California retreat for you. Set in the unique and stunning Joshua Tree National Park, your mornings will be yoga classes to improve your focus and stretch your climbing muscles, with afternoons spent climbing up high. This retreat is welcome to all levels, so don’t pass up on this fun opportunity if you’ve never rock climbed before!

3 Day Women’s Climbing and Yoga Retreat in Alabama Hills

Image by Whitney Base Camp & Climbing School


  • Very budget friendly
  • All climbing and camping gear included
  • Starting from: $475


  • No meals included
  • Previous students wished it was longer

Get in touch with nature and yourself more on this retreat that teaches you how to focus on mental clarity through movement and breath both on the mat and on the rocks. Pairing rock climbing and yoga together will give you an incredible experience and opportunity to deepen your mind, body, and soul connection in a beautiful natural setting.

The tools that you learn on the mat such as focus, breath, intention setting, and being aware of your body can easily be translated into tools for rock climbing. The two practices are a great idea to combine for a retreat.

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