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10 Best Online Yoga Retreats for an Inner Reset at Home

10 Best Online Yoga Retreats for an Inner Reset at Home

Stressed? Tired? Bored out of your damn mind? I feel you. Changing up your schedule and being able to press reset (even if it has to be from your living room) can help you to feel renewed and give you a deeper appreciation of what you’ve got.

Take your pick of a yoga or meditation retreat with some that include pilates, recipes for delicious yet healthy food, or others that focus on learning just as much as they do relaxation. From world-class teachers around the globe, now is your chance to experience classes for a fraction of the price.

What is an online retreat?

An online retreat is a collection of classes, either live, pre-recorded, or a combination of both from teachers and instructors around the globe. That’s the gist of it. But online retreats can vary significantly. Some are just morning classes to start your day, others include recipes for the weekend to truly immerse you in a retreat-like setting. Others are more like courses and you can expect to leave not only feeling refreshed but with more knowledge too.

Are wellness retreats worth it?

For the price of the ones that I’ve listed below, yes! Retreats in person often cost upwards of thousands of dollars, not to mention the airfare if it’s a destination retreat. While the retreats below don’t completely fill your day or transport you to the beaches of Bali or the ashrams of India, they are significantly lower in price, and more often than not you get materials to keep for life.

Online Retreats

It’s time to make your top pick and feel refreshed and renewed as early as this weekend!

*3-Day Weekend Online Yoga and Meditation Retreat

Choose your weekend and when works for you with this 3-day weekend retreat that starts every Friday. This online retreat is a top choice for those who want a flexible retreat that gives them the space to do as they please during the day but have a practice to come to in the evening to wind down and get back to your inner calm.

A daily yoga and meditation class are available for each evening. This retreat has a strong focus on meditation and it will prepare you with breathing exercises, knowledge, and an excellent teacher from India who travels around the country teaching stress management and relaxation methods.

Image by Plantation Villa

5-Day Online Personalized Yoga and Meditation Retreat with Ayurvedic Guidance

Welcome to all levels, this 5-day retreat from Columbus, Sri Lanka, is now available in your own home. Throughout the retreat you’ll be guided through yoga and meditation classes, along with guidance through a live consultation so that you can dive deeper into Ayurvedic traditions at home.

The retreat consists of 10 yoga and mediations classes plus an additional 2 30-minute guided meditations. Apart from your consultation, you’ll also be able to attend an Ayurveda talk, get 3 Ayurvedic cooking classes, and meal guidance so you’ll never have to worry if questions come up.

Lastly, 2 wisdom talks are included that cover the principles of Buddhism. All yoga classes taught are in the Hatha style and you can expect to step away from your screen at the end of each day feeling refreshed and with a new abundance of information that will soothe your mind, body, and soul.

If a 5-day option is too long of a commitment, a 3-day option is available as well!

*3-Day Yoga, Pilates at Home Weekend Retreat

Take a break for a weekend and give yourself the treat of getting energized through this 3-day online yoga retreat that also includes pilates for an extra bit of variety. In this online retreat, you’re fully covered from Friday to Sunday.

Through a combination of live and on-demand classes (all of which are recorded so you can access them anytime and even after), you’ll be able to get your sweat and zen on with a virtual backdrop of the waters and palm trees of Spain.

Not only will you get classes but also recipes for all meals over the weekend and a list for shopping so you won’t need to worry about how to fuel yourself for an energizing weekend getaway in your living room.

*6-7 Day Virtual Yoga Retreat Using Retreat Method by Yoga with Perumal

With the option to choose a 6 or 7-day retreat, along with the choice to pick an intensive retreat or not, you really can pick what works for you! The intensive retreat includes 12 live classes, 2 a day, while the simpler option is just 1 live class a day.

Each day there is a new focus that is a part of the Perumal Retreat Method. Each session is said to aid in digestion and increased circulation while also preventing injuries and aids in releasing joint and back pain while also being meditative classes.

On top of all of the live classes, you’ll also get some recorded sessions so you can take a deeper dive into yoga alignment and more in the yoga tutorials. Plus, all live sessions are recorded so you can do them when you please.

*2-Day Online Yoga Retreat with Ashtanga Breakdown

This short and sweet retreat calls on you to be creative with your yoga practice. In just 2 days you’ll dive into the asanas (yoga poses) and alignment that will help you create practices for yourself in the future. This retreat takes a holistic approach to yoga and hosts classes in the mornings and evenings with your days for free time.

Classes consist of pranayama (breathing) and Ashtanga yoga classes, along with Q&A’s and guided meditations that include a chakra healing technique. Through these classes, you will learn about all of the chakras and breathing techniques for meditation.

This is a great option for those who want to take a quick deep dive into understanding yoga’s basics so that you can explore your practice more yourself. The retreat is held every Monday and Tuesday throughout 2021.

*4-Day Virtual Mindfulness and Stress Relief Yin Yoga Retreat

An online yoga retreat dedicated to welcoming calm, understanding your emotions, and releasing stress, you’ll be ready for every day after each morning of classes and lessons. Start your day practicing yin, a relaxing, slow style of yoga that invites you to be still and listen to your body. Each yin yoga class will be followed by mindfulness lessons that will guide you through accepting your emotions, communicating them, and using your newfound techniques to incorporate them into daily life for more relaxation and less stress.

Further guidance is provided for you to continue your practices outside of the retreat and a one-on-one session is provided for you to ask questions and focus on you.

Image by Namaste Yoga India

7-Day Online Yoga Philosophy and Meditation Course

A wonderful way to deepen your yoga practice is to learn more about yoga philosophy which is often skipped in your everyday yoga class. Learning about the principles of yoga and the practices outside of just the physical movement is a special way to become more in touch with aspects of yoga as a whole.

The lessons that you learn through yoga philosophy can be taken out into the real world too, they’re not just for your mat. Your teachers in this retreat will help you to understand the philosophy of yoga in relation to modern times as well as yoga Nidra and meditation.

While you will get a yoga session included in this course, this retreat is mostly about learning and will take you inward in a way that isn’t through physical movement but through realization.

Image by PureFlow.Yoga

3-Day Hit RESET & Self-Love Online Yoga and Meditation Retreat for Body, Mind, and Soul

Intended to be a retreat that will help you hit pause so that you can reset with a little me time, after 3 days you can expect to feel exactly that. Through live classes, pre-recorded material, and a do-it-yourself course, this retreat gives you so much more than just the 3 days it takes place over.

You’ll be encouraged to practice on your own but will also have live sessions and transformational coaching sessions. This yoga retreat includes Hatha, vinyasa, and yin yoga, as well as meditation, singing meditation, and daily mantras for inspiration and connection.

*3-Day Stay at Home Online Retreat with Mindfulness, Meditation, and Yoga

A simple and sweet online retreat that will jumpstart your mornings so that you feel great to take on the day. All the way from Chiang Mai, you’ll get daily yoga and meditation classes plus times for a meet and greet and closing circle so you can interact with those who are participating with you.

*5-Day Hatha and Vinyasa Flow Online Yoga Course

Less like a retreat and more a course, this 5-day event is ideal for anyone who is looking to deepen their yoga practice. Throughout the course you’ll go back to the basics, learning the fundamentals so that you can create your own yoga practice with tips and techniques in mind.

You’ll learn Hatha and vinyasa sequencing, alignment, postures, breathing techniques, and more from world-class yoga teachers, all from the comfort of your own home. After this course, you’ll be set to practice even more in your living with a boost of confidence.

Continue practicing online, or pick your fav spot abroad…

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