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Yoga Travel

Yoga Travel

Yoga continues to spread its way across the globe as it becomes ever more popular in both the east and the west. With more and more people being introduced to the beneficial aspects of yoga both mentally and physically it’s no surprise that yoga vacations are on the rise with yoga retreats popping up in dream destinations around the world.

Whether you’re here to get inspired of where to travel next for a yoga trip or to learn how to incorporate your yoga practice into your travels, this is the place for you to be. 

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For finding and booking yoga retreats I recommend BookYogaRetreats. They have the largest selection of retreats from around the world.

For volunteering opportunities (as a yoga teacher or for other duties) I recommend Worldpackers. Use the code TAYLORSTRACKS for $10 off when you sign up!

For travel insurance, because all yogis and travellers need insurance, I recommend World Nomads, especially since many yoga retreats include adventure activities in them as well. World Nomads insurance is designed specifically for adventurous and conscious travellers.

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