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20 Heart Chakra Affirmations for Compassion

20 Heart Chakra Affirmations for Compassion

The heart chakra is a beautiful chakra that is adored by many, and for good reason! Everyone wants to feel a little more love in their lives, whether it be for themselves or more for others. This chakra governs much more than just love and relationships though. Choosing to focus on your heart chakra can feel amazing in your body (especially for yoga heart chakra poses), and it can feel like you radiate love outwards. So without keeping you here for too long, here are some heart chakra affirmations that can help you feel a little more loveable, grounded or surrounded by love.

What is the Heart Chakra?

The heart chakra is the chakra that is located in your heart space, the centre of your chest. This vulnerable area and chakra govern our self-compassion, understanding, and love, not only for ourselves but for others too. The emotions that are related to this loveable chakra are, of course, associated with love and include fear, attachment, and rejection.

While this chakra may seem like a great idea to skip to and work on first, especially with all the talk of self-love becoming extra trendy, it’s important to remember that working on your base chakras will help the energy balance of the higher chakras too. It can feel amazing to open your heart chakra, but feeling grounded (root chakra) feels just as good.

The heart chakra, otherwise known as the fourth chakra, or the Anahata chakra, is associated with the colour green and its element is air. Perhaps this is why we feel that love or even fear are all-encompassing when we feel either, as it’s literally all around us.

Symptoms Associated with the Heart Chakra

Believed by Hindu and Buddhist religions (among others), as well as yogic philosophy, chakras are said to be energy centres that run up the length of one’s spine. It’s said that if a chakra is unbalanced or blocked the energy will manifest in physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual symptoms.

Some symptoms related to the heart chakra being out of balance are believed to include:

  • Jealousy
  • Feeling of loneliness
  • Judgemental of others
  • Lack of trust with self and/or others
  • Fear of intimacy and/or relationships
  • Easy to hold grudges
  • Self-critical

How to Use Affirmations for the Heart Chakra

As always, I will never make a claim that heart chakra healing affirmations are healing. Can they help? I believe so! But not without working on other aspects of yourself too.

Affirmations are said to work for some, and not for others, according to studies so the only way to know if they work for you, is to give them a go!

A few ways I recommend using affirmations are:

  • Standing in front of your mirror in the superman pose (hands on hips, legs in a wide stance) saying each affirmation out loud
  • Writing down affirmations each day in a journal
  • Leaving sticky notes around the house to be reminded of affirmations
  • Using an affirmation as an intention for a yoga or meditation practice

Heart Chakra Affirmations

Pick one of a few Anahata affirmations that feel the truest to you or at least close to. The more you believe those ones, the more the others will become believable and make it easier for you to use.

  1. I am loveable.
  2. I am capable of receiving my needs.
  3. I radiate unconditional love to all (including myself).
  4. I am open to giving and receiving love and compassion.
  5. I love and accept myself.
  6. I radiate love all around me.
  7. I attract unconditional love.
  8. I attract healthy, strong relationships.
  9. I trust my ability to love.
  10. I am grateful for my ability to trust.
  11. I am open to intimacy. 
  12. I am worthy of unconditional love.
  13. I am united with all.
  14. It is safe for me to love and to be loved.
  15. Choosing love is my choice, and I choose love.
  16. I forgive myself.
  17. I am patient and compassionate with myself.
  18. I give myself and love time.
  19. I choose compassion over judgment.
  20. I choose love over fear.

Heart Chakra Yoga

Want to take these affirmations to open your heart chakra a step further? Why not try using an affirmation in your yoga practice with this heart chakra yoga sequence created to open your heart space.

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