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20 Throat Chakra Affirmations for Self-Expression

20 Throat Chakra Affirmations for Self-Expression

The throat chakra is an interesting chakra to explore. Step into the world of spirituality and personal development and guaranteed you’ll hear “speak your truth” more than a few times. But in a world where the truth is often skewed or misinterpreted, finding your truth can be more difficult than expected. Learning how to tap into this chakra can bring you a little closer to your truth, or in other words, what feels right for you. Try some of these throat chakra affirmations and see how you feel after a couple weeks of focusing on your own voice, expression, and communication. 

What is the Throat Chakra?

The throat chakra, otherwise known as the fifth chakra, or Vishuddha chakra, sits just at the top of your collarbone, where the V shape takes form. Fittingly, this chakra has to do with speaking your truth and expressing yourself through the use of your voice. When unbalanced or blocked the throat chakra can go either way, meaning, that you could under or over speak. Think of that overly opinionated person who simply can’t have a conversation without giving their input constantly and you have one example of someone with an unbalanced chakra. The same goes for someone who can’t speak up to share or even defend themself. 

The colour associated with the Vishuddha chakra is blue and the element is space. Emotions that often come up with this chakra are abruptness, judgement, and even denial. 

Symptoms Associated with the Throat Chakra

Chakras are believed by a number of religions such as Buddhism and Hinduism, as well as in yogic philosophy, to be energy centres that run up our spines. These energy centres start at the base of your spine (the first chakra) and run up to the top (the seventh chakra) that is the crown of your head.

Chakras are said to cause different symptoms (with overlap) for each that can be mentally, physically, emotionally, and/or spiritually. When unbalanced or blocked these symptoms arise. Affirmations are just one way to help bring your chakras back into balance or unblock them so that you can feel all of the great emotions associated with each chakra.

Some of the symptoms you may find are connected to the throat chakra include:

  • not being able to communicate your thoughts clearly
  • lying
  • feeling a lack of purpose
  • struggling to express yourself creatively

How to Use Affirmations for the Throat Chakra

Affirmations are a simple tool that can bring peace to your mind pretty quickly in a moment when you’re struggling. Over time they can benefit your state of mind and beliefs too. While some studies claim that affirmations don’t work, others say that they do. The only way to tell for yourself is to give them a go! Personally, affirmations have done wonders for me in my life.

I will never claim that throat chakra healing affirmations actually heal. Affirmations can be a part of the healing process but I think it’s very important to note that affirmations alone are not enough. I use them to set an intention and to uplift my mood.

A few ways that you can use affirmations include:

  • Writing them out in a journal (I recommend daily)
  • As an intention for a yoga class or meditation
  • As alarms on your phone as a reminder
  • Looking in the mirror, saying them to yourself out loud

Throat Chakra Affirmations

Try one or a few of these Vishuddha affirmations that feel the most or the closest to the truth for you. Switch them up when you feel like you’re solid on the first ones you’ve chosen to work on!

  1. I am learning my truth.
  2. I speak my truth.
  3. My truth comes to me easily.
  4. I can express myself with ease. 
  5. I am connected to my truth.
  6. My voice is a tool for self-expression. 
  7. My creativity is an expression of me.
  8. My words are powerful.
  9. I trust what I have to say.
  10. I listen to my voice, and so do others.
  11. My inner knowing is a guide for my voice.
  12. I am able to express myself freely.
  13. I am honest about who I am.
  14. It’s safe for me to express myself, and speak my truth.
  15. I am learning to connect to my truth.
  16. I am learning to express myself in a way that feels good to me.
  17. I am safe to trust others.
  18. I am safe to trust myself.
  19. I am honest with myself.
  20. My truth becomes clearer every day. 

Throat Chakra Yoga

Want to practice affirmations for the throat chakra even more? Incorporate your favourite affirmation into a yoga sequence designed specifically for opening your throat chakra!

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