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This Yoga Tool Will Help You Manifest Faster

This Yoga Tool Will Help You Manifest Faster

Have you ever been told that manifestation is easy and all you need to do is just let go? But how do you let go? How can you let go when it’s something you desperately want or need by a certain time?

Manifestation is an easy concept, but for many, it is not an easy skill to develop. There are ways to help learn how to manifest faster so that you can stop wishing and hoping for your dreams and start to watch (and feel) them happen.

This is not your typical how-to manifesting for beginners guide. This is for the yogis who want to harness their energy to manifest more quickly and with less struggle. No yoga is required. Instead, take a look at the most important yoga tool there is for manifesting: your currents of energy.

Your Chakras and Manifestation Are Connected

The chakras are a very popular system that has become beloved in the West. This ancient yoga belief system is like a map that helps you understand your energy. The chakras are energy centers that take in information, process, digest, and release it. Much like how your digestive system does its job by knowing what nutrients and vitamins to keep in the body and what to deliver as waste, the chakra system does the same for your energy.

Chakra in Sanskrit and can be translated to mean wheel. These wheels spin along the central column of your body where your main energy channel resides, called Susuhumna Nadi. The key takeaway here is that for these wheels to spin there must be energy moving up and down this central energy channel.

Without the movement the wheels can get stuck, spin too slow, or if there’s too much energy moving they may move too fast. This is what is meant when you hear that the aim is to balance the chakras. You want them to be spinning at the ideal speed to function optimally. Just like how you need the optimal amount and type of food and drink for your digestive system to function properly.

If your chakras aren’t spinning optimally and are blocked then manifestation becomes more difficult. So how do you get your chakras spinning? By unblocking the currents of manifestation and liberation.

Unblock These Vital Currents of Energy, Unlock the Power of Manifestation

Your chakras spin from the movement of two energy currents called the current of manifestation and the current of liberation. In traditional yoga, the focus is on moving the energy up. This can feel like a getting high sensation, feeling high vibe, and being more energized. This upward current is the current of liberation. It can feel very freeing, you may experience more creativity or have lots of ideas coming to you as inspiration feels limitless.

But yoga often leaves you hanging out in this high-vibe space. This is wonderful but both currents are needed to manifest fast.

Without the downward current of energy, the current of manifestation, none of your ideas or beliefs can come to manifest!

Both energy currents are equally important and deserve the same amount of attention.

The current of liberation may be practiced by doing a vinyasa or a more active style of yoga. It can be accessed through journaling, getting creative, and letting yourself embrace your feminine side.

This yoga class is a great example of moving your energy up.

The current of manifestation can be practiced by doing a yin or restorative practice that is grounding. Think of practices that pull you out of your head and into the present moment. Putting your feet in the grass, taking a bath, doing something related to what you’re trying to manifest. For example, if I want to do a headstand, I may start by doing strengthening exercises for my arms and shoulders. Or if I want to start teaching yoga, I might start emailing studios to see if they’re hiring or what requirements are needed.

This yin yoga class is a great example of grounding your energy, moving your current of manifestation and practicing letting go.

Manifestation Tips

Practicing these tips and what was shared above are a great way to adapt your yoga practice to modern times and your modern life. If creating new habits and taking action is difficult for you or comes with a lot of resistance, I recommend learning and practicing the yoga skill, Tapas.

Focus on one manifestation at a time

I know you want everything to all come together easily and quickly, but trying to multitask your manifestations can lead to burnout and frustration! Usually by focusing on one thing at a time other ideas and beliefs will start to manifest as well.

During COVID I was living in a small town of 2000 people and I hated it. All I wanted to do was get out of the town. I was also extremely lonely and was desperately craving a partner after being single for a decade. I didn’t see or know how I was going to leave the small town when COVID had ruined my business and I couldn’t afford to. Nor could I see how I was going to meet the love of my life when I was in a place that I didn’t want them to be in either!

I began focusing on finding love first because I was a desperate girl. I ended up manifesting my partner in 6 weeks. I moved in with him a month and a half after meeting him and moving back to the city (of over a million) I grew up in. Focusing on love first, helped me manifest a new home in the process with way less effort.

There is no wrong action

Any action is perfectly fine and each and every action you take will guide you in the “right” direction or make it obvious that you’re headed the wrong way! Think of every action step as a piece of information to help guide you.

It’s when you repeat the same action that hasn’t proven helpful again and again that your action becomes the issue. One of my mentors recently reminded me that doing the same thing over and over and expecting a difficult result is the definition of insanity. Sometimes consistency is key, yes, but know when to move on and let go to try something new.

Your plan isn’t the only plan

You may think that you have the best idea for how your belief will come to fruition, but what if there’s a better plan? Whether you believe there is some kind of higher power helping you out, punishing you or not, the reality is that you don’t know all the answers. You may be the expert in your life but more often than not it can lead to you having blinders on and not seeing how things could work out from a different perspective. Let others give you ideas, accept nudges from the Universe, and be open to other possibilities.

What to Avoid When Manifesting

Skip repetitive journal exercises

Action is required for manifestation. It’s why action is a part of the current of manifestation! Too many times I’ve seen manifestation gurus say to simply journal your wants and believe they’ll come true and they will. I think this is a big manifestation mistake! The more you write it out does not necessarily equal having more belief it will come true. Your mind is far too smart and you may have past beliefs that are currently holding you hostage that need to be released first.

Instead, journal on why you want something. Focus on the best-case scenario or even write about different ways the scenario could come about to help give you ideas of what next steps you could take. Maybe you want to buy a house. A natural first step would be to begin saving. But what if another scenario had you talking to a mortgage broker first who gave you a different perspective or way to save? Now you have more options to help you manifest!

Stop wanting it so much

This can be a bit of a heartbreaker. But unfortunately, the more you want something doesn’t mean you’ll get it. Holding on too tightly can hinder the manifestation, blocking the current of manifestation and keeping you stuck. This is where letting go of any timelines, and what your want can look like is important.

I wanted my yoga business to be a certain way so I held onto this idea, desperately hoping that my travel blog would stay alive while I transitioned to my perfectly executed yoga business. It did not turn out that way. My travel blog went down the tube at no fault of my own and my yoga business had barely taken off. I was holding on so tightly that it all fell apart. But what it did it give me was freedom to move past blocks I had in my current of manifestation simply because I had so little choice but to try and take action.

Instead, adopt a “with or without you” mentality. It’ll happen whether you want it to or not. This is how you let go and move forward with your life while things come together in the background without your attachment.

What’s next?

As easy as these concepts are to understand, I get that it can be difficult to apply them to real-life scenarios. This is the practice of yoga off of your mat.

  • Consider Sacred Exploration, a 1-on-1 mentoring program for yoga practitioners and teachers looking to get past self-doubt and to a place of courage and confidence. Just where you need to be to manifest successfully!
  • Start practicing more grounding exercises to help fire up your current of manifestation, like these yin yoga practices on my YouTube channel.

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