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How to Trust in the Divine Timing of Everything

How to Trust in the Divine Timing of Everything

You may already know that everything happens in divine timing, but knowing versus trusting and believing that it does can make a big difference. Luckily there are spiritual practices that you can do to help you trust more in divine timing and solidify your belief that the Universe and everything really is working in your favor.

I break down how exactly divine timing works so that you know you’re on the right path, why certain things are happening for you and I touch on spiritual bypassing.

Divine timing | Divine timing meaning
The divine timing meaning is simple.

The Meaning of Divine Timing

What is divine timing, exactly? It’s the belief that everything in your life happens at exactly the right moment. Though things or events may seem tough, unusual or not make sense, divine timing assures you that the Universe is placing people, things, challenges and more into your life when you can handle them.

Divine timing is always happening.

Soon you’re going to be able to see the people or the ideas that have come into your life within the last little while and really understand why they’ve been put in your life.

Divine timing | Divine timing meaning

Why Trust in Divine Timing?

It’s an incredible feeling to know that you’re being guided and that things are really happening for a reason. There is always a lesson that can be learned from everything.

It’s also important to note that you are a co-creator in your life. It’s up to you to co-create with the Universe by seeing these things that are being put into your life at divine timing and then working with them.

Divine timing | Divine timing meaning
Remember, let it happen all in divine timing.

How to Know When You’re Ready

The universe will never give you anything that you’re not ready for. You may argue that and say that things come at you at bad times but you are absolutely ready to deal with whatever it is when it comes.

You have to look back and think about how many challenges you’ve had in your life and see how much you’ve grown from those challenges. Maybe you’re going through a really difficult time or a challenge right now and you can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Know that you are absolutely ready for whatever it is that you’re facing and you can get through whatever it is that comes your way. You just have to have absolute faith that this test, this challenge, is what you need to grow through in order to up-level, in order to become your best self.

What you’re going through will teach you the lesson that you need to hear.

Divine timing, the Universe, will never give you anything that you’re not ready for. If you weren’t ready you wouldn’t be receiving signs, you wouldn’t be getting the ideas or downloads to do whatever it is you want to do or feeling that you should do.

How to Trust that Everything Happens in Divine Timing

Aka, how to trust that everything will work out.

I know for a lot of people, especially if you’re like me, a type-A personality who absolutely loves to control things and know when things are going to happen, divine timing and the whole concept of it can be really difficult to wrap your head around.

You know that divine time is working in your favour, but how do you truly begin to trust that it is? Start by knowing the signs of divine timing and following these simple tips that will allow the Universe to fully support you.

Learn to Let Go

When you let go and stop forcing things to try and happen for you, you make room in your life for things to come to fruition. Letting go allows you to release control, oftentimes along with stress and anxiety.

When you fully let go of expectations and control you allowing the Universe to lead you on the path that is best for you, not down the path that you think is best for you. Sometimes you can get stuck on one outcome and not realize how much more potential there is for you.

Be Patient

Learning to be patient is one of the necessary practices to fully trusting in divine timing. You can not rush what the Universe has planned for you and if you try to you will only lead yourself down a road of stress, anxiety and frustration.

Good things come in time, right when you need them. The next time you find yourself wanting to rush something, ask yourself how you can feel the feeling right now that you want to feel from whatever it is you’re rushing to.

Avoid Over-Planning

Again, especially for type-A personalities, divine timing is all about letting go and releasing any ideas that you have for your future. Yes, you can absolutely plan for things but over-planning will just show the Universe that you have no faith of what’s in store for you.

Surrender to the Unknown

A difficult thing to do, I know, but learning to surrender to what could be is a beautiful practice that will help you accept new things that happen for you with open arms.

The unknown is not something to fear, it is something to fully embrace and when you learn to completely surrender to the unknown then you will allow people, events, situations and more to come to you. You won’t block these things from coming into your life and you won’t question that they’re coming to you for a divine reason.

Divine timing | Divine timing meaning

Examples of Divine Timing

You seem the same things come up over and over again.

For example, you may have different people mention a book or name to you multiple times or run into the same person again and again. Pay attention to how much things show up in your life.

You feel a calling to go somewhere or do something that seems out of the ordinary for you.

Intuitively you will know when it’s time for you to visit a certain place, join a program, listen to a podcast episode, etc. Oftentimes these callings feel totally random, trust them. Plus, what’s the harm in trying something new?

Pay attention to what isn’t happening.

Are you focusing a lot of something that isn’t working out? Or trying to really for it or an idea? If you’ve been trying for a while it could be because you’re just not ready for it or it’s not for you. This is also a process of divine timing. Let it go or practice patience.

Divine timing | Divine timing meaning

How to avoid spiritual bypassing

I think it’s also really important to note to not use divine timing for spiritual bypassing. This doesn’t mean that you get to sit back and wait for this to happen or to always surrender (which a lot of people in the spiritual community like to do).

There must be a balance between the doing, the masculine energy, and surrendering and the flow, which is the feminine energy. If you’re off balance, by either forcing to much or surrendering too much things aren’t going to work.

You’re being given hints and signs as divine timing. This is when you take inspired action on the things you’re being called to.

Know that things will get clearer to you. You just have to look for the signs and to understand that it will all work out, perfectly as it’s supposed to.

One of the universal laws is the law of attraction, which is what everyone thinks manifestation is about.

But another one of the universal laws is the law of action. The law of attraction is great, but it encourages people to just sit and wait. You’ve got to help create the things that happen for you, you’ve got to follow the universal law of action too.

Remember, you are a co-create of your life. Everything is happening for you, not to you, and it all happens in divine timing, which you are always, always ready to receive.

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