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17 Amazing Things to do in Siem Reap Besides Angkor Wat

17 Amazing Things to do in Siem Reap Besides Angkor Wat
A Cambodia trip is not possible without visiting Siem Reap, the city that is home to Angkor Wat. There are so many more things to do in Siem Reap other than temples, and with this Siem Reap travel guide you'll find the best things to do in Siem Reap that will help you make the perfect Siem Reap itinerary. Click to start planning your Siem Reap trip! #angkorwat #travel #budgettravel

If you’re looking for more things to do in Siem Reap other than visit Angkor Wat then you’ve come to the right place.

I still cover Angkor Wat and give you some details because it is somewhere you should see when you visit Siem Reap. It is the main reason you’re planning on going isn’t it? And one of the main reasons why you’re planning a Cambodia trip I bet.

But I also include the best places to visit in Siem Reap for a fun night out, the top markets you need to shop at, museums that are worth going to and alternative and off the beaten track attractions in case you get bored with what the city has to offer (which you shouldn’t).

This Cambodia city is so much more than just Angkor Wat and there are plenty of things to do in Siem Reap besides temples. It’s a lovely city that is awesome to rent a bike and scoot around to explore.

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What to do in Siem Reap

Find out what to see in Siem Reap in 3 days, which is the perfect amount of time to see the highlights.

Understand more by visiting the Angkor National Museum

You will understand so much more if you pay a visit to this important museum before visiting the Angkor Wat complex itself. The museum is dedicated to preserving Angkorian artifacts and does a phenomenal job of explaining art and culture in the Khmer era dating back to the 9th-14th centuries.

Source: Pub Street Siem Reap by hslo – Under Creative Commons license

Get wild on Pub Street

Okay so you don’t have to get wild on pub street, but at night it does get pretty crazy and is obviously a ton of fun as it is one of the top things to do in Siem Reap. This is where all of the backpackers gather to party their hearts out as music pounds from the speakers and people spill out onto the street and it is impossible to miss the neon “Pub Street” sign hanging across the street.

There are also plenty of restaurants lining the street where you can grab a bite to eat for an incredibly affordable price before drinks. And if you’re not in the mood to dance you can always lounge on the cushioned chairs and benches outside some of the bars. I recommend hitting up The Angkor Wat? Bar.

Angkor Wat is one of the top things to do in Cambodia, therefore, it can’t be missed.

Spend a day temple-hopping at Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat is one of the top things to do in Cambodia so a visit is in order and I’m sharing these details so you can do it best!

Angkor Wat is a huge complex of many temples, not just the one and most famous temple, Angkor Wat itself. Passes to visit Angkor are for 1, 3 and 7 days. It’s not one of the cheapest attractions in Siem Reap which is why I recommend only visiting for a day. A single day will run you $37, 3 days $62 and 7 days $72.

I’m not a huge temple buff so if you aren’t either a day will be plenty for you to do the best things to do in Angkor Wat such as Bayon (the one with all the faces), Ta Prohm (famous for being featured in Tomb Raider and Angkor Tom (the largest site in the complex).

I recommend grabbing a tuk-tuk with some friends and for around $15 you can have a driver take you from the city, to pick up your passes and through the complex to the best sites.

Or you can book a tour for almost the same price and have a trusted guide who has had reviews. A cheaper option is to rent a bike but get ready for some exercise because it will be a full day of pedalling!

Check out the Angkor Night Market

Before you check out pub street head over early to explore the many vendors at the night market that opens up around 5 pm.

You’ll find tons of local handicrafts from the community and non-governmental organizations under bamboo huts. The market started in 2007 to help preserve Khmer handicrafts and help the locals and today you’ll find lots of bags made from recycled materials, hand-carved jewelry and much more.

One of the things to do near Siem Reap is to visit this floating village.

Spend the day exploring a floating village

One of the cool things to do around Siem Reap is to take an eco-trip to Tonle Sap Lake, Southeast Asia’s largest freshwater lake. The area floods expanding from 2,500 square km to 12,000 where locals live in houses on stilts.

A 2-hour boat ride will get you to one of the Tonle Sap floating villages where you can then make stops at crocodile farms, find souvenirs and eat delicious food. You can even have a sunset dinner on the lake.

Kick back for a while and get a cheap massage

Thailand isn’t the only place in southeast Asia that has cheap massages. In Cambodia you can get them for anywhere from $1-7 at massage shops around the city. So if you have some time to kill or maybe decided to bike to Angkor Wat there is no better way to relax.


Cambodia things to do: eat all the street food. Source: Amok by Sodanie Chea – Under Creative Commons license

Eat your way through the city on a street food tour

You can get the chance to explore the city like a local and sample some of the best foods with a local tour guide who will take you through a night market. You’ll learn not only about traditional Khmer cuisine but also culture and get to try famous street food dishes, snacks and of course, get dinner.

Help a good cause at the Landmine Museum

If you want a bit of an insider look into Cambodia’s history, learn about the Khmer Rouge, or want to give to a good cause then the Landmine Museum and Relief Facility should be included on your Siem Reap itinerary.

The museum is located within the Angkor National Park and was established by an ex-soldier who went back to villages where he fought and started defusing landmines he had planted by hand.

Money raised by the museum goes towards further landmine clearing, to fund its new school and amputee children.

Siem Reap places to visit: the jungle for Flight of the Gibbon.

Fly through the Cambodia jungle with Flight of the Gibbon

Where to go in Siem Reap for some adventure? Take a break between temple hopping and get active as you explore the Cambodia jungle through the canopy of trees on 10 zip lines and 4 sky bridges.

Flight of the Gibbon is famous for having courses through various spots in southeast Asia. Be warned that they are pricey for SE Asia standards but everyone always recommends them who does one!

Shop your heart out at the Old Market

One of the top things to do in Siem Reap at night is the Old Market. As the name suggests, its the oldest market in Siem Reap. Locals use the market to shop for food and household items but there is also a large section at the entrance where visitors can find many vendors selling clothes, shoes, jewelry and a lot more.

If you’re hungry head to the centre of the market where you can find authentic Cambodian dishes. I think this is one of the best things to do in Siem Reap, I was at this market every day roaming around!

Take a cooking class!

Eat delicious food at a Cambodia cooking class

When it comes to activities in Siem Reap a cooking class is a must. No matter where I go some of the best food I have is from the cooking classes I take and I’m an awful cook so the fact that the food is yummy is saying something. Plus, especially since Khmer food is delicious.

Be entertained at Phare, the Cambodian Circus

A circus in Cambodia? Yes, you read that right. If you need a night of entertainment that doesn’t involve pub street. Head over to the circus where you can watch acrobatics fly from the ceiling, listen to live music and have on-site dining during the show.

Some fun things to do in Siem Reap that aren’t the usual Siem Reap attractions include a pottery class.

Alternative Siem Reap Activities

Where to Stay in Siem Reap

Find the best hostels for budget backpackers, cheap hotel rooms for when you don’t want to be in a dorm room and luxury hotels for those who love to live largely.

Siem Reap Hostels

Read my detailed guide to the best hostels in Siem Reap.

Best Hotels in Siem Reap

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Cambodia Essentials

There are a few things that you will absolutely need while in Cambodia.

Adapter: Obvi. But seriously people always forget. I like to use a universal adapter so if you don’t have one already get one stat and never worry about it again!

Reusable Water Bottle: This is an essential for ANY trip but even more important for Cambodia because recycling here is not really and thing and when you see the plastic littering this beautiful island you’ll be sad that you’re contributing to the plastic issue. You can fill up your reusable bottle in lots of places.

Mosquito Repelling Bracelets: These are a thing? Totally! Mosquitoes can get nasty in Cambodia and unfortunately can carry diseases. This is the healthiest option because they don’t use deet!

Activated Charcoal: When your tummy is not feeling so great and you may need to run to the bathroom at any second you’ll be happen this within arms reach. Food and stomach issues are common in Cambodia and these will help you get back to health and enjoying your vacay in no time.

Travel Insurance: Just don’t travel without it, end of story. But if you need more convincing read this and while you’re at it my top travel tips for backpacking Southeast Asia.

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Continue planning your trip to Cambodia!