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What’s Worth Seeing in Cambodia?

What’s Worth Seeing in Cambodia?


Cambodia, home of the famous Angkor Wat and what else? Most people have no clue about what to do in Cambodia or what it has to offer and often don’t take the time to look further into it. But I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find out that Cambodia travel is a lot more interesting than you think.

So many tack Cambodia onto the end of their itineraries in SE Asia simply because it’s close by, and why not visit? It’ll be another country to check off on your list. Don’t just visit Siem Reap and Phnom Penh though, there are multiple Cambodia destinations between the two cities. Trust me when I say that finding things to do in Cambodia will be easier than you think.

Angkor Wat

No list of what’s worth seeing in this country is complete without this famous Cambodia temple: Angkor Wat. You simply cannot miss the world’s largest religious monument in the world when you visit Cambodia. This UNESCO World Heritage site is enough to have you awe-struck and gazing in amazement all day. It’s beautiful, its had movies filmed in the grounds, and it’s seriously cool.

Angkor Wat www.taylorstracks.com
Good luck getting a picture without tourists in it.

Koh Rong

An island? In Cambodia? That’s right. Cambodia has two famous islands just off the coast from Sihanoukville that will leave you speechless. The virtually untouched beaches will have you thinking that you’re in actual paradise and the island vibe will most certainly have you extending your stay. Make sure you take a boat trip around the island so you can try snorkeling with the glowing plankton and the beauty that this island has both above and below the water. I promise you that the beaches in Cambodia are worth visiting.

Koh Rong www.taylorstracks.com
How perfect is this beach?

The Killing Fields and Museum S-21

Do not leave Cambodia without spending some time learning about the country’s history in Phnom Penh. These are the two top things to do in Phnom Penh. Until just before I went I was clueless as to what had happened, even with how recent the genocide happened. The Killing Fields will detail the history, making for a somber day, but educating you on what everyone should be aware of. The museum is a bit more harsh, but will put it even more into perspective for you. If you do one important thing, this is definitely worth seeing in Cambodia.


It’s very possible that you’ve never even heard of this place before, but if you go I know it will hold a special place in your heart. It’s not one of the famous Cambodia tourist spots which makes it all the better. There is also not a whole lot to do there, but its charm is enough for you to visit. Spend a day or two here to explore the countryside by bike and learning about the locals daily lives. Take the time to walk through the streets and find unique shops. Spend a day on a tuk-tuk visiting the the most famous attractions of the city: the bamboo train, bat cave, the killing cave, and two temples.

Battambang www.taylorstracks.com
The most touristy thing to do in Battambang, the bamboo train.

Siem Reap

I have never fallen in love with a city so quickly. It’s more like a charming town that it is a city, with the river running through and restaurants lining the streets. Here you’ll find both day and night markets with every souvenir you could ever want. You can find cafes with tasty desserts, and enjoy pub street at night for the party.

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If you’re looking for nature then head to Kampot, a short bus ride from Phnom Phen where you can find Bokor National Park. Rent a scooter for the day and get lost. Find waterfalls, drive up the winding mountain and discover the abandoned hotels. Go on a night cruise along the river and bask in the moonlight.

Kampot www.taylorstracks.com
Got lost and found a waterfall, not a bad day.


You can easily take a day trip from Kampot and visit the lovely Kep area for great seafood and the beach. You can roam through the crab market and find souvenirs, or just spend the day relaxing and eating tasty food.

Convinced? I hope so! The country has more to offer than you think. Travel to Cambodia and within the country is easy, which can be done in 1-2 weeks. What to see in Cambodia is more than just Angkor Wat. Travel Cambodia for the food, the lovely people, the picturesque islands, and the unbelievable sites and history.

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Disclaimer: Taylor’s Tracks is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.Com and affiliated sites.