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11 Charming Things to do in Sibenik, Croatia

11 Charming Things to do in Sibenik, Croatia


Sibenik Croatia is often not on travellers radar, but I encourage you to make a stop at this ever so charming city that is packed full of history, beautiful sites, surrounded by gorgeous water and epic views with these things to do in Sibenik. #sibenik #croatia #europe #travel

Sibenik Croatia is often not on travellers radar, but I encourage you to make a stop at this ever so charming city that is packed full of history, beautiful sites, surrounded by gorgeous water and epic views with these things to do in Sibenik. #sibenik #croatia #europe #travel

Sibenik is not on most travellers radar when they make their Croatia itinerary but it’s directly on the path between destinations that most people go to, Split and Zadar.

Sibenik is a great place to break up your Croatia trip down the Dalmatian coast and even though there aren’t a ton of things to do in Sibenik it will offer a slower pace, less tourists and incredible views.

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Things to do in Sibenik

Find the top Sibenik attractions and what to do in Sibenik for the perfect couple days in this ever so charming city.

Best things to do in Sibenik: see the cathedral.

Marvel at the Sibenik Cathedral

Sibenik Cathedral is the star of the town and not without good reason. The cathedral was built over a 100 year period between 1431 to 1535 and it is now the most important Renaissance monument in all of Croatia.

You can’t miss the dome shape of the cathedral which can be seen from almost anywhere in the city. Roam inside and outside to spot the protruding heads.

For Game for Thrones fans, inside the cathedral scenes were shot for the Iron Bank.

Take a trip to Krka National Park

Sibenik is the ideal place to visit Krka National Park from. A Sibenik to Krka day trip is easy, just hop on a local bus from the main bus station and you’ll be at the park in less than an hour.

Tours are available if you prefer to have a guide and can be booked from most accommodation options in Sibenik.

Unlike Plitvice Lakes National Park, you can go swimming in Krka, there is some hiking and you have a beautiful boat ride into the park.

The view from St. Michael’s Fortress.

See the views from St. Michael’s Fortress

There are four fortresses in Sibenik that are still standing (well, parts of them) from the medieval times. St. Michael’s Fortress is the most popular and has been recently restored in 2014.

It’s definitely worth the hike up to the fortress for epic views over all of Sibenik or to check out a concert at the 1000+ seat outdoor venue where local musicians are often featured.

It is 50 kuna to enter but if you arrive at the right time you can join one of the free tours. You can find more information and tour times on the St. Michael’s Fortress official website.

Sibenik’s main square in the Old Town.

Join a walking tour

I always encourage travellers to do walking tours when they get to a new city to understand the city’s history, get local tips and to get their bearings.

Though Sibenik is more like a large village than a city, it’s still relatively unknown and having the local guide to point out the history (and maybe even some Game of Thrones filming locations) is always a great start to seeing Sibenik.

Things to do in Sibenik Croatia: visit my fav beach in the country.

Soak up the sun at Banj Beach

I went to a lot of places in Croatia and sunbathed on a fair share of beaches and I have to say that this Sibenik beach, Banj Beach, was my favourite. It’s a small pebble beach but the water is the perfect temperature and the views from the beach are unbeatable.

As you bask in the sun or float in the sun you can watch the sailboats fly by and see all of Sibenik. It’s a bit of a walk but still not far (15-20 minutes) from the centre and you get to walk along the promenade to get there.

See Sibenik from the water (and below)

Get to see the hidden areas of Sibenik that most visitors don’t get to see. Paddle out into the water for a morning or sunset kayaking session to see the UNESCO walls of St. Nicholas Fortress, float down the St. Anthony Channel, explore a historic church and see a Game of Thrones shooting location all in one tour.

Roam through the Old Town

I know every blogger tells you to roam through every Old Town in Europe, but seriously you need to do just that in the Sibenik Old Town. It’s a combination of winding streets that move uphill from the water, past local’s homes and quaint shops.

It’s not an overly developed Old Town so you’re able to roam in peace and find plenty of places for pretty pictures and a good amount of shade over the narrow streets from the buildings.

What to see in Sibenik: sunset at this fortress is a must.

Watch sunset from Barone Fortress

Barone Fortress is often skipped but not with good reason. This fortress is even higher than St. Michael’s and is too, worth the climb. It’s best to come here a bit before sunset if you want to try out the augmented reality which introduces you to the history of the fortress.

Then stay for sunset, grab a drink from the cafe and watch the sky come alight over all of Sibenik, including St. Michael’s Fortress.

Stop by St. Ana Cemetery

Visiting a cemetery is not usually the first thing that comes to peoples minds when exploring a new city, however, St. Ana Cemetery provides excellent views over the Adriatic waters and St. John’s Fortress.

Plus it’s right beside St. Michael’s Fortress so why not check it out?

Chill out in the garden at St. Lawrence Monastery

The St. Lawrence Monastery dates back to Medieval times and is the perfect place to catch a break from all the stairs in Sibenik. There is a beautiful garden that is replicated from the garden that monks tended to back in the day and a cafe that overlooks the greenery and flowers.

There is a part of the St. Lawrence Church, the bell tower, that remains standing from the 17th century.

Walk along the Sibenik Promenade

Without a doubt you have to walk along the Sibenik promenade that’s along the water for gorgeous views of the islands just off the coast. There is a ton of restaurants for you to choose from for the perfect lunch or dinner spot too. Or perhaps grabbing a gelato and taking in the views is more your thing.

Where to Stay in Sibenik

Despite being small plenty of people still visit Sibenik which means that you’ll have a few choices on accommodation at Sibenik hotels and hostels.

Sibenik Hostels

Sibenik Hotels

Sibenik Croatia

How to Get to Sibenik

Sibenik is very easy to get to so you won’t have issues finding transport here.

The most common and cheapest way to get to Sibenik is by bus. Buses run long routes along the Dalmatian coast connecting to Zadar and further to the north and Split and Dubrovnik in the south. There’s also a bus that connects Zagreb and Sibenik directly. The bus station is right in the centre of town.

There is a train available however I don’t recommend taking it as train travel is Croatia is far from ideal. The closest airports are in Split and Zadar where you can fly to and then its 2 hours or less by bus or driving.

Enjoy your holidays to Sibenik!

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