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Yoga for Sacral Chakra: Yin Poses & Sequence

Yoga for Sacral Chakra: Yin Poses & Sequence

The sacral chakra is far more than the chakra that holds women’s sexual energy (for men it’s the first, root chakra). It connects to creativity, jealousy, balancing emotions, and shame. It can feel like a heavy chakra and one that you may prefer to pass up on working on, but the benefits of opening the second chakra are plentiful. Through yin yoga you will be able to give yourself and your body the time to move into the space you create in your lower abdominal, pelvic, and hip regions, which surround the sacral chakra. These areas tend to be tight and closed off so you will most certainly feel the benefits emotionally and physically of focusing on yoga for your sacral chakra.

Quick Look at the Sacral Chakra

Location: Between the belly button and pelvic area, in the centre of the lower abdomen

Element: Water

Colour: Orange

Meaning: The sacral chakra governs one’s creativity and is strongly linked to one’s emotions such as sexuality, shame, guilt and jealousy.

Other names: Second chakra, belly chakra, svadhisthana chakra

Translation: The place of the self

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Sacral Chakra Yin Yoga Sequence

Join me for a full sequence that takes you through all of the yin yoga poses below, or opt to pick and choose which your body is feeling the need for today if you’re short on time.

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Sacral Chakra Yin Poses

Pick and choose your favourite second charka yoga poses to practice daily or whenever you’re craving some balance with your emotions. These are all yin poses, but I’ve also got a breakdown for vinyasa sacral chakra yoga poses too!

Supported Reclined Butterfly

Begin in supported reclined butterfly to open up your front body. It’s often closed as we tend to hunch over whether that be sitting, driving, or standing. This will also allow you to open almost all of your chakras and give your body space to expand.

Start by placing a bolster (or rolled blanket) at the base of your spine, lengthwise. Next, bring the soles of your feet to touch and place blocks under your knees or thighs at any height that feels good. Then allow yourself to lay back onto the bolster. You do not have to use any of these props and can take a more traditional, unsupported reclined butterfly by laying flat on the mat too. Either variation works!

Play with where you place your feet, moving them closer or further away from your groin. Allow your arms to lay long, out from your sides or place your hands on your belly, or one on your heart, one on your belly. Hold for 20-30 deep breaths.

Happy Baby

Happy baby is a great yin yoga pose to tap into the energy of your sacral chakra as it’s a pretty vulnerable pose that focuses on moving into your groin and hip areas while keeping your belly (where your sacral chakra is located) open.

Begin by hugging your knees to either side of your belly/chest, then Allow the soles of your feet to shine towards the sky. Bring your hands and arms to the inside of your legs and reach to the outside edges of your feet with each hand. Allow the weight of your arms to guide your knees and thighs towards the ground as your shoulders fall heavy to the ground too.

The option to hold onto the backs of your thighs or calves is always there as well. Hold for 20-30 deep breaths.

Supported Bridge

Supported bridge is a wonderful option to continue moving into your sacral chakra energy by allowing your hip flexors to open through support and time.

From your back, bring the soles of your feet to the mat, about hip-width distance apart. Push into your feet to lift your hips off of the mat and place a block (the wide way), bolster, or rolled blanket, under your sacrum, right where your spine ends and the cushy upper part of your bum meets. Allow your arms to fall wide from your sides, palms facing up. The block may be at any height that feels good on your back. But remember, this is yin so we are holding poses for longer!

After 10-15 breaths stay where you are or extend your legs long. This will invite more of a backbend and it may feel better to lower the block if you’re using it on the second or third height. Hold for another 10-15 breaths.


Frog pose is a deep hip opener that too is an ideal pose for opening the second chakra.

Whether you have sensitive knees or not, it’s a great idea to fold your mat once or twice lengthwise to pad your knees for this pose. From your hands and knees, begin to walk your knees out to either side until you feel a generous stretch in your groin but not too intense that you can’t hold it. Remember, this pose will get more intense with time.

Keep your knees in line with your hips and your ankles in line with your knees, so your legs are bent in an 90 degree angle, with your feet flexed. You may stay on your hands or you may want to come down to your elbows or lay on your stomach. You may also want to put a bolster, rolled blanket, or pillows under your body to rest your elbows on or lay your body on. Hold for 20-30 breaths, doing your best to not fidget, but adjusting if it feels too intense.


After all of the previous poses done in this sequence, it’s prepared us for square pose that once again works into the hips and the sacral chakra region. Square is often a tough pose for people to move into, so the prep work done through other hip opening poses should make this pose feel more accessible.

From meditation pose (sitting cross-legged), do your best to bring your right shin and foot on top of your left, wiggling your feet until the right is stacked over the left, making a square shape with your legs. It’s normal to not be able to do it without your hands, but we’re practicing so it’s okay! After you’ve tried it’s okay to use your hands to gently help your legs into the correct stacking position.

Have both of your feet flexed to protect your knees. If either of your knees lift off of the mat, or you suffer from a knee injury, place a block under either or both knees. Sit with a straight spine and cup your hands in your lap. Hold for 20-25 deep breaths and then switch sides.


Last but certainly not least, savasana is a relaxing pose and one that also aligns all of your chakras.

Come to lay on your back, your arms wide from your sides and legs long. Your feet can be as close or far from each other as feels good. For lower back sensitivity or comfort, you can always place blocks or a bolster or a rolled towel under your knees. For a more grounding variation of savasana, place the soles of your feet on the mat, walk the edges of your feet to the edges of your mat and allow your knees to knock into each other. Hold for about 30 deep breaths.

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