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10 Tips to Make Your Dream Trip a Reality

10 Tips to Make Your Dream Trip a Reality

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Are you that person who’s constantly planning dream trips in their head? Or are you envious of people travelling around the world? Then keep reading because this article will help you realize just how easy it is to start planning your dream trip and convince you that you need to do it sooner rather than later.

Find incredible tools to help you save money, plan trips you haven’t even thought possible and more.

Imagine how happy you’ll be when you finally book that trip!

Do It Now

Seems simple right? It isn’t always. I’m sure you have a friend who (or maybe it’s you) who has been talking about their dream trip for months or even years. The trip won’t happen unless you start. So many people push off their dream vacation because of some excuse. “I need to save more money,” “No one wants to go with me,” I need to do X first,” etc, etc.

Stop pushing it off and start planning and visualizing yourself on your dream trip right now. Whether it be on the beach, trekking a mountain or diving to new depths. You’re the only one who’s going to make it happen and there is no better time than this year!

Maybe you want to go hiking in Utah?

Tell Everyone About It

I tell everyone about my travel plans all the time. Even when I don’t have plans I’ll throw out random countries, areas or activities I’m interested in doing and the amount of information I learn from total strangers is surprising.

While you’re ordering a drink at Starbucks or having a sales associate help you find a new pair of pants, share your travel plans with everyone. Guaranteed either they will have gone or they will know someone who has gone on a similar trip and will be able to give you tips and inspiration.

Plus it’s amazing to hear some of the stories that people have from travelling!

Don’t rush your time in incredible places like this

Plan Enough Time

One of the biggest mistakes people make when planning a trip is not giving themselves enough time. They’ll plan full days and travel in between and realistically it’s just not doable. You want to be able to enjoy yourself and not be completely exhausted as you do it.

Wouldn’t you rather have pictures of you looking refreshed instead of having bags under your eyes because you tried to do a sunrise volcano trek, explore the town and then have an evening show all in one day?

Believe me, people try to do it and though it’s awesome to see and do as much as possible it’s much more worth it to remember your vacation as being fun and relaxing and not totally tiring.

Choose a Destination You Can Afford

I know you’ve got your eye on that overwater bungalow in Bora Bora but is it worth forking out the extra $1000+ to fly across the world? Not always. Similar bungalows are available in Jamaica and for a fraction of the cost.

Obviously, some dream trips cannot be done differently like trekking to Everest base camp or seeing the Australian outback.

But the majority of the time there is a destination that is similar or closer. Do your research, look into places you don’t think you’re interested in and use trip planning sites to see what your options are! is one such site which can help you find new destinations that are affordable for you but still include everything to make your dream vacation. Plus it lets you input trip preferences so you can choose to have a scuba diving trip at a small hotel that is family friendly. The options are endless!

Maybe your dream trip is volunteering

Be Flexible with Your Dates

I know, this isn’t always the easiest but the more flexible you are then the better the chance you’ll have scoring an awesome deal. Sites such as Skyscanner can show you flight prices for an entire month. Choosing to leave a day before or after could save you hundreds!

The same goes for all inclusive holidays. A month later could be a way cheaper time to travel and the weather still hot and amazing.

After this meeting she’s got a foodie tour booked around Barcelona

Take Advantage of Business Trips

Many people have the advantage of travelling for business. Don’t be too shy to ask for an extension on your trip so that you can see the sights. A lot of companies are okay with this. Even if they don’t book your return flight on the day you want to come back you can always change it yourself and pay the change fee which is usually minimal compared to the flight price!

Plan in Advance, But Be Flexible

Planning is good to help you take advantage of everything that a destination has to offer but don’t over plan (trust me, I am guilty of this). Being flexible will allow you to jump in on activities, learn about cultures and travel with new friends. Usually these experiences that you do last minute are the ones that you’ll remember the most and have the most fun on.

Some experiences are required to book in advance though so be sure to do your research!

Picture you here, hanging out with your new friends

Group or Solo Travel?

One excuse many people have is that no one wants to do their dream trip with them. Another is that they’re scared to travel solo. Solo travel shouldn’t be scary and there are definitely ways to overcome it but group travel is an excellent option as well.

I personally started with group travel and had an unforgettable trip around Europe.

Making this choice will help you take the next step planning your dream trip. With group trips you will need to do less research and some of the stress of planning will be taken away while solo travel will leave you with more flexibility but also more planning. If you aren’t sure whether or not group travel is for you then read this.

Save, Save, Save!

Now that you know where you want to go and know that you’re going to do it within the year then it’s time to start saving!

Check out these resources to help you save quickly and efficiently:

If your dream trip really matters you will make saving a priority and it will be easier than you think.

Make sure you’re fully planned!

Do a Travel Pre-Check

Make your life simple with this travel tip: have all of your documentation in order. Is your passport up to date? Many countries don’t let you enter without a passport that is valid for a minimum of 6 months. Do you need a visa to enter the country you’re going to? Will you need an international license if you’re going to be driving?

Make copies of everything and save them on your computer so you have a backup in case you lose anything. This pre-travel checklist will help make sure that you have everything in order before you go.

Ready to start planning? Check out these resources:

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