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Angel Pose

Angel Pose

Angel pose is not a traditional yin yoga pose. Since yin mostly focuses on the lower body, angel is one of the rare poses that will help you to open into your shoulders and chest. While it may feel awkward at first, I recommend playing around with this pose as it’s often the personalized version of it that makes it oh-so-good!

Get into Angel Pose Step-by-Step

  1. Begin laying on your belly.
  2. Extend your right arm out to the right, in line with your shoulder. Palm face down.
  3. Drawn your left hand under your left shoulder. Push your palm into the mat.
  4. Kick your left heel toward your bum.
  5. As you push into your left hand and roll onto the front of your right shoulder, step your left foot behind your right leg.
  6. Option to drape your left arm behind your lower back.


  • Physical: A wonderful release for the shoulders, especially the front side. It also stretches into the biceps and deltoids and down into the ribcage for a side stretch.
  • Energetic: The Heart and Small Intestine meridians are stimulated.
  • Emotional & Mental: A beautiful opener for the heart chakra that encourages deep reflection as emotions may arise.


  • If you have any shoulder pain or an injury practice this pose with caution or avoid altogether. You can try bending into the extended arm to create a cactus arm or 90 degree angle or reaching your arm slightly upwards while extended.
  • If you notice you are holding your lower body try resting your top leg onto your lower or placing a block or bolster between your thighs to promote relaxation.


  • Supported Angel: Place a block or bolster between your thighs to release any tension or holding in the lower body. Place a block under the side of your head to avoid neck strain.

Get Out of the Pose

  1. Remove any props you may be using.
  2. Place your left palm back on the mat in front of your face.
  3. Press into the mat as you slowly lower your front side back to the mat.
  4. Extend your left leg long.
  5. Arms may rest by your sides, or stack your hands and rest your forehead on the back of your hands in crocodile.

Counter Poses

How Long to Hold Angel?

  • 2-5 minutes per side.

Practice Angel Pose in a Class

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