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Ankle Pose

Ankle Pose

Ankle pose, or ankle stretch, is often overlooked. This pose can be quite intense for many, but if you provide variations or find one that works for you it will do wonders. Our ankle joints do so much for us, why don’t you give yours a little love?

Get Into Ankle Pose Step-by-Step

  1. Begin by sitting back on your heels.
  2. Place your hands behind you and lean back until your knees lift off of the ground.
  3. Keep your heart lifted and spine long.


  • Physical: Stretches and strengthens the ankles.
  • Energetic: Stimulates the Stomach and Spleen, and Liver and Gallbladder meridians. It also taps into the Earth element.
  • Emotional & Mental: May increase balance, stability, and a feeling a grounding. This is a great pose to tap into the root chakra.


  • If there is any pain or pinching, release from the pose immediately, but slowly.
  • Knee tightness or injury may prevent you from sitting back on your heels. Place a block or cushion between your calves to sit on.


  • To lessen the intensity, place one hand beside you and use the other hand on the front of your knee (same side as the hand you’re using) to gently lift your knee off of the ground. Then switch sides.
  • Place a rolled blanket or bolster underneath your knees to assist in keeping them lifted.
  • Sit on a block or cushion, or simply on your ankles. Without lifting your knees this is already an ankle stretch.
Single legged ankle stretch

Get Out of the Pose

  1. Walk your hands back towards the sides of your legs as you lower your knees to the ground.
  2. Lift your sit bones off of your heels as you walk your hands forward into a tabletop position.

Counter Poses

  • Tabletop with toes curled under or circling the ankles.
  • Crocodile pose.

How Long to Hold Ankle Stretch?

  • 1-2 minutes at most as this is an intense pose for most students.
  • Hold for 1 minute per side if doing one ankle at a time.
  • May hold each side for 30 seconds and then both for 1 minute.

Practice Ankle Pose in a Class

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