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28 Best Gifts for Yoga Lovers (Hand-Picked by a Yoga Teacher)

28 Best Gifts for Yoga Lovers (Hand-Picked by a Yoga Teacher)

Have no idea what to get someone who loves yoga? I got you covered! I’m a yoga teacher and have picked out a number of gifts for yoga lovers that will elevate their practice, bring more mindfulness into their lives, and fun accessories that have nothing to do with yoga but are yoga-themed.

These gifts for yogis (for someone you know who loves yoga or yourself 😉 ) include items that I personally use and highly recommend as well as fun ideas to bring more yoga into one’s life. So whether you’re after a personalized yoga gift for a friend for a special occasion or just because, I have no doubt that they will love what’s on this list. Many of the gifts also support small businesses in Canada and the US!

Top Gifts for a Yogi

I’ve broken down these gifts for yoga enthusiasts so that you know exactly what you’re getting for the yoga lover and how they can add to their practice.

My Personal Favorites Gifts (Things I use in my own practice!)

Yoga Bolster

An amazing way to elevate someone’s yoga class is through props and a yoga bolster is (in my opinion) one of the most underused yoga props that you can get! A yoga bolster is mostly used in yin but can also be brought into yang classes. These pillows are an excellent way to make yoga poses more accessible, comfy, and relaxing. A bolster can be used for anything as simple as a cushion to sit on when meditating, to laying on during child’s pose. Consider getting this as a gift for a yoga lover who adores being comfy, likes slow yoga, or struggles with traditional yoga poses and needs some prop assistance.

Yoga Life by Brett Larkin

This book is perfect for the yogi looking to maximize their practice and make it completely tailor-made for them. It highlights so many easy ways to take yoga off of the mat and make it accessible for everyday life. I got an advanced copy of this book and it’s by far the most practical yoga book I have ever read!

Meditation Cushion Set

You don’t need anything fancy to meditate but having a dedicated cushion can make your meditation practice that much more sacred! A meditation cushion set is a luxurious way to meditate and has benefits other than just looking cute and being more comfortable. It’s great for those whose legs fall asleep while meditating. Mine is from B Halfmoon.

A Yogic Path Oracle Deck

This deck is so perfect for yogis because the cards are based on chakras, yoga philosophy terms, ayurveda and deities. This deck is not only beautiful but also practical to help understand all aspects of yoga beyond the physical better. I use this in my personal practice after i meditate and the messages are so soul-soothing.

Myofascial Release Balls

Not specifically yoga related BUT these massage balls can be a great addition to a yogis time on the mat. Using massage balls is another way to get into the deep tissue, fascia, that you also access in yin. They can help with soreness and tightness! I opted for these from lululemon as they come in 3 sizes for feet and hands, smaller muscles and larger muscles.

Yoga Gifts to Elevate a Yogis Practice

Gift one of these yoga present ideas for yoga lovers to help deepen their practice by making it cozier, easier, and comfier. 

Yoga Eye Pillow

This simple gift can add so much to a yoga practice. By choosing to gift an eye pillow you’ll give the gift of deeper relaxation for the yoga lover in your life. An eye pillow is used in savasana (that pose when someone lies on their back and does nothing other than look like they’re sleeping) to help block out light so that the sense of sight is no longer a distraction for relaxing in whatever environment they’re practicing in. Plus, this specific yoga eye pillow is scented with lavender, an essential oil that is amazing for feeling calm.

Yoga Blanket

Practicing yoga with a blanket is a great way to make a sequence extra comfy and more accessible. For the yogi who has tender knees or wrists, this is a great pick. While a specific blanket is not needed for yoga, many people opt to have one because it does get put on the floor and on their mat. This style is what’s trendy and what many people love.

Yoga Mat Strap

This yoga gift idea is really a 2-in-1. Not only does the strap hook around the yoga mat so that it can be carried on the shoulder or across the body, but the strap can also be used as a tool during a yoga practice. Straps help to assist in certain poses and make them more accessible for everyone’s bodies. I personally use and practice with this mat strap and love it as it means I don’t have to carry an extra strap or worry about forgetting it as it’s always around.

Yoga Cushions

For the yogi that is constantly folding over their mat, or adding a blanket under their knees or wrists…let me introduce you to yoga cushions! These are stackable cushions that provide comfort to those who have tender knees and/or wrists or for sequences when a yogi is on their knees or hands for an extended period of time. I think these can be a big game-changer.

Yoga Blocks

Yoga blocks are a great way to make yoga more accessible and can help someone who practices yoga get more length in their body (which can feel amazing). As a yoga teacher, I highly recommend that every yogi has yoga blocks to practice with, whether they think they need them or not. Cork blocks and foam blocks are most popular. While I personally prefer foam blocks because they’re lighter and more squishy for comfort, many like cork blocks because they are more firm. Either is a good option, you can’t go wrong. If you choose this as a gift make sure to gift two as blocks are often used in each hand while practicing. 

Yoga Towel

Know a yoga lover who loves hot yoga? Or wants to give it a try? Or practices in hot destinations? A yoga towel is a great idea for a hot yoga gift. These quick-dry towels are designed for hot yoga so that a yogi can quickly wipe sweat away with a towel that doesn’t continue to stay damp like a regular towel. A small towel can be used to wipe sweat off of ones body, while a large towel is laid on a mat to help protect the mat, make it easier to clean, and to help with grip as some mats can get quite slippery when they are wet.

Align Yoga Pants (& the Best Alternative)

While I know everyone has their own likes and wants when it comes to yoga clothing, I think these pants are an exception. Personally, they are my favourite yoga pant and pretty much the only ones I practice in anymore. And every single person I talk to loves these pants. They are buttery soft and have a naked sensation so that yoga lovers can flow it out on the mat without feeling like they have seams digging into them or like they’re wearing pants. I can’t recommend them enough. If you don’t want the price tag of these pants, try these famed Amazon ones that are said to be just as good and comfy!

Yoga Accessories That Add a Bit of Extra Love

These are great yoga gifts to make a yogis life a little more simple, and invite calm into their practice and everyday lives.

Tibetan Singing Bowls

If you have never experienced the beauty and sense of calm that comes from listening to singing bowls then perhaps gift one of these and your yoga lover will treat you to a listen. A Tibetan singing bowl can be used before a yoga or mediation practice, in rituals, and to feel calmer. The vibrations that a singing bowl gives off is what provides a sense of calm and is a great way to settle into a practice.

Yoga Mat Spray

So many yogis will skip this step and end up with a mat that is dirtier than they care to admit, or worse, they end up with a smelly yoga mat. This yoga mat spray is a simple gift that will make a world of a difference when it comes to practicing yoga. Gone are the days of a dirty mat, to welcome the days when a yogi might just stay with their nose to their mat for a little longer because it smells so good. This yoga mat spray is made of essential oils, and this one specifically is a lavender mint scent. Other scents include summer rain.

Custom Mat Bag

Add a personalized touch to your gift with a custom mat bag that can be used to carry a yoga mat to and from class. You can add whatever you want to this simple linen bag such as a name or a short saying, maybe even an intention. The choice is yours!

Zodiac Animal Incense Holder

Having incense burning while practicing yoga, doing a ritual, or even just for a relaxing evening does wonder for ones mood. Gift the yogi in your life an incense holder that is connected to their zodiac sign for an extra bit of meaning and as a cute decoration! Don’t forget to gift them some incense too, this lavender-scented incense one provides a calm, relaxed feeling.

Best Yoga Presents to Bring More Mindfulness to a Yogis Day

Even yogis need reminders to practice more mindfulness, so these gifts for yoga fans are great as mindfulness reminders to grow, relax, and be in the present moment, whether that’s through self-care or reflection. 

Intention Candles

These small candles are a wonderful gift because even though each candle only burns for 20-minutes, the idea behind them is that the yogi in your life will be able to set new habits or add to their current practices. Since you know the candle only burns for 20-minutes, you can set an intention and then go about the habit such as journaling, meditating, a morning routine, yoga, reading, whatever it’s most needed for. This is just another great way to not only relax but to invite mindfulness into ones life which is what yoga is all about!

Breathe Mindfulness Giftbox

You have your choice of soothing gifts that you can give through a Breathe Mindfulness Giftbox that is filled with handmade products designed to relax, rejuvenate, and be at ease. Items can include soaps, candles, eye pillows, quotes, shea butter, lip balm, and more for self-care.

Mind Cards

Mindfulness is made easy with these cards that encourage one to live a more fulfilling life through self-reflection as each card has a question or introduces one to a new, healthy habit. These cards would be lovely to pull every morning, just before bed, or as a part of a yoga ritual before stepping onto the mat and beginning to practice. 

Gifts for Yogis for to Use Outside of Class

These unique yoga gifts they can use when they’re not stretching it out on the mat and show their love of yoga every day.

Downward Human Shirt

A subtle, yet funny shirt for the yogi in your life to rock when they’re off the mat.

Yoga Dog Mug

Cute and fun for the yoga and dog lover in your life. Don’t worry, there’s also one for yoga and cat lovers too.

Copper Chakra Water Bottle

Every yogi needs a water bottle for class and this copper water bottle features all of the chakras as a fun and colourful design.

Yoga Sweater

Throw on this sweater for before and after class or rock with a pair of jeans, or just be comfy at home! The loose fit is ideal for when you’re just warming up in class too on a cool fall or winter’s day.

Yoga Clock

A cute and fun addition to any yogi’s home is this clock that reminds us that yoga can be practiced all day, every day.

*Downward Dog Top

A cheeky way to display a fun yoga message, this yoga tank is a great shirt to wear to, from, and in class. Other colours are available too.

Comfy Yoga Socks

Just a lil’ something cute to wear around the house or to wear to a yoga class in winter, these comfy yoga socks share a bit of sass without being too obvious.

*Yoga Mat Rack

Yoga mats are often shoved into closets and corners, out of the way when they’re not in use. But this yoga mat rack gives the yoga person in your life a place to put all of their yoga accessories. The metal racks hold yoga mats, blankets, bolsters, straps, and bags, while the shelves are perfect for blocks or yoga-themed decorations. This mat rack would be awesome in a home studio (or whatever room they practice in) or close to the entrance for an easy place to grab and go on their way to a yoga class.

*Yoga Pose Tumbler

This tumbler celebrates all yoga body types and ethnicities as a number of yoga practitioners cover the surface. A great gift for the yoga lover who is on the go and loves to take their tea or coffee to sip on while on their way to class. This pattern also comes in mugs, stickers, and even figures on sweaters if you love this idea.

Small Gift Ideas for Yoga Lovers

Not sure what yoga accessories someone would like to use in their practice? Try gifting some yoga-themed jewelry that is still packed with meaning that they can wear when off the mat. These yoga presents for yoga lovers are a great idea for stocking stuffers too!

Dainty Crystal Ring

Crystals are often associated with yoga and they also make beautiful jewelry. Pick a stone from this collection of gold-plated crystal rings and give a gift that has a deeper meaning as each crystal has a specific meaning. No fretting over whether a ring will fit though, they’re all adjustable!

Chakra Necklace

This dainty, pretty piece of jewelry has all of the chakra colours in order and is made of raw stone. The chakras represent the energy centres throughout our bodies and each has a specific colour. This necklace can also be personalized if so desired. 

Lotus Earrings

In yoga, the lotus flower represents expansion, connection, and even spiritual awakening. The lotus flower grounds into the mud for stability and grows upwards towards the sun which represents growth in all aspects of life: mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally. Once the lotus reaches the surface it is “awakened”. This yogic symbol is beautiful for its meaning and is a great addition to someone who loves yoga jewelry collection.

You’re all set! I hope you got some ideas for the best presents for yoga lovers in your life and that they love whatever you get them!

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