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6 Soothing Meditation Retreats in Spain

6 Soothing Meditation Retreats in Spain

Retreat to the Spanish countryside to spend time in a yurt, feel the sand behind your toes as you practice yoga on the beach, or find yourself sitting in complete silence for a weekend on one of these meditation retreats in Spain. Bound to challenge you, have you feeling renewed, or just to give you a break from everyday life, be sure to check out all of these retreats for a picturesque time away from home.

Best Meditation Retreats Around Spain

Whether you prefer a totally silent retreat or like to have other activities included, want to spend your days sitting and doing nothing, or exploring the beauty of the surrounding area, one of these retreats in Spain is ideal for you.

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Image by Kausay

5 Day Yoga and Silent Meditation Retreat in the Stunning Nature of Valencia

As one of the best retreats in all of Spain, this is one unique opportunity to not overlook. Nestled into the nature of the Spanish countryside, you’ll step away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and spend your days practicing and sleeping in a traditional Mongolian hut. Start your day with a yoga practice, and continue with a silent vipassana meditation and Buddhist teachings throughout the day. Your days will be quiet with little to distract you but this is what will give you the space to find the inner stillness and peace you’ve been craving.

Image by Tai Chi Fuerteventura Wellbeing Retreat

8 Day Tai Chi, Qigong, and Taoist Yoga Holiday in Fuerteventura, Canary Islands

Challenge yourself to try something new and give yourself the chance to see for yourself what Tai Chi can do for you. While it may seem easy, Tai Chi can be quite difficult mentally. This form of moving meditation is bound to stir up some feelings and ignite a challenge in yourself. On this popular Spanish retreat, you’ll not only practice Tai Chi but also Qigong, which is similar, Taoist gymnastics, and one of the most relaxing forms of yoga – yin yoga. Not to mention two acupuncture treatments are also included, plus time to practice outdoors, go on a catamaran cruise to spot dolphins and excursions to beaches and volcanoes.

Image by MBestcare

9 Day Mindfulness for Health and Stress Management Wellness Retreat in Tenerife

While not a meditation retreat specifically, a week on this retreat is bound to have you feeling the same as you would if practicing meditation for a week. For many, a retreat of this sort could be even better as the instructors teach and guide you through a number of mindfulness practices that are practical and can easily be adapted to your everyday life afterward. Classes on this retreat include yoga twice a day, a daily mindfulness class, and a daily Chi-Kung (similar to Tai Chi) class. Excursions are included too for forest bathing, Teide National Park, and a boat tour that includes yoga on the beach. 8 days are recommended for this retreat but the hosts are able to work with and adapt to your schedule too.

Image by John David Satsang

3 Day Weekend Vipassana Island Silent Meditation Retreat in Denia

For a rather intense but insightful weekend of meditation, look no further than this weekend retreat that is the equivalent of a course, but condensed. Begin your weekend with an opening circle and then move to your “island” that consists of a mattress, chair, meditation cushion, blankets, and a back jack, where you’ll find yourself comfortable until Sunday when it’s time to leave. Helpers will bring you food and you will focus entirely inward for 48 hours in silence.

Image by Asharum Amonines

7 Day Nam Silence Meditation Retreat in Níjar, Andalusia

A retreat that truly retreats away from your everyday life. Instead of going somewhere to escape and to keep yourself busy, but a different busy from your everyday life, come to this fully silent retreat to search, find, and discover what it is that you truly need. You’ll be put up in simple but comfortable accommodation and meditate 5 times a day. Between sessions, your time is yours to enjoy the terrace and gardens or to be by yourself. All verbal and non-verbal communication is not recommended, but personal guidance is there when needed.

Image by The Meditation Lodge Retreat

7 Day Mindful and Wellbeing Retreat with Yoga and Tai Chi Holiday in Busot, Alicante

This retreat is a wonderful combination of a number of different calming activities to put you as ease for a week. You’ll enjoy daily yoga and Tai Chi classes, and meditation sessions with discussions afterward. Your evenings have activities too, such as chakra balancing or Qi Gong moonlight flows. Hot tub time and visiting a local village, Busot, are also highlights of this charming and relaxing retreat.

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