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How to Create Your Own Full Moon Ritual

How to Create Your Own Full Moon Ritual

Moon rituals have been practiced throughout history, with a number of cultures associating the full moon with different ideas of what the full moon represents.

But while rituals and symbols may differ from culture to culture, they all agree on one thing: that the full moon is a time when things are amplified, power is easily accessed and energy is heightened.

It is because of these reasons that full moon rituals continue to this day and why it’s a great idea for you to embrace and create your own full moon ritual to practice on your own or with friends.

New moon rituals represent new beginnings, making it a great time to manifest with the moon, but full moon rituals hold a whole other energy as the lunar cycle comes to a close.

A full moon is a wonderful time to release, let go and cleanse yourself of whatever it is that is holding you down while you are at your strongest, most powerful self.

Learn how to do a full moon ritual to let go, release and manifest.

Creating a Full Moon Ritual

These full moon ritual ideas are just that, ideas. No one says that you have to follow the exact order or steps or suggestions that I or anyone else makes. Take what you love, leave what you hate and create your own full moon ritual that serves you and your own needs.

This ritual is one that I have practiced for myself and learnt from attending full moon circles lead by other women. I created it in this order and with these steps because it’s what works best for me and is a really powerful full moon ceremony!

This is a full moon cleansing ritual, designed to help you let go, shed whatever it is you no longer want on your mind and be free of worries.

Full moon cleansing rituals start with a space that you’re comfortable in.

1. Create a Safe and Sacred Place

As with any ritual, it is important to perform it in a safe space where you feel comfortable. Don’t get thrown off by the word sacred, a sacred place is wherever you deem sacred, so don’t overthink it!

Practice this ritual wherever you can have space to yourself, where you’re comfy and where you won’t be disturbed. For some people this is in their bedroom, sitting on their bed, others it’s on the floor to feel grounded, some may even go outside in the grass and perform this ritual under the moon.

Bring with you anything that helps you feel grounded and comfortable. This could be your journal (you will need this later), crystals, incense, cards, candles, music, lighting, a cup of tea, whatever it is that guides you into the mood.

Wherever works for you, go there, lock the door if need to and tell those you live with you need at least 30 minutes of you time.

A full moon cleanse is whatever you make of it, but sage helps.

2. Clear & Cleanse Your Energetic Space

You’re about to set intentions to let go and move on, clearing and cleansing your energetic space will help you do so.

Your energetic space is the space you’re physically in as well as the aura that you give off (which stretches 3 metres around you!).

Personally I use sage and palo santo to cleanse the room I’m performing the ritual in and then myself.

With sage I say a mantra such as, “I release/cleanse all negative energy, vibes, dark spirits and anything that isn’t of my highest good from my energetic field/room.”

With palo santo I call in the good with a mantra such as, “I call in all that is of love, light and my highest good into this room/my energetic field.”

If you don’t have sage or palo santo, it’s often sold at spiritual shops but be sure to find stores that source it ethically. I’ve linked below to an Amazon store that sources it ethically.

You can opt to say a little prayer to the Universe, God, your angels, source, whatever feels right to you.

3. Move your body

While this is an easy part to skip, I highly encourage you to do some sort of movement before setting your intentions, setting a full moon manifestation or continuing on with this ritual.

This is because movement is essential to help get you out of your head and into your body. Your body, meaning your heart and your gut knows what’s up. They know what it is you truly want and need to let go of, not just the surface level shit you think you want.

I recommend dancing for at least one song. Put on a good tune that gets you shaking, twerking, slow dancing, whatever it is that suits you. Personally, I love something sensual to get me to really feel into my body.

Yoga is another option and this full moon yoga sequence is a strong flow to help you feel energized. It can be incorporated into your full moon ritual or it can be done a few days before or after the full moon when the energy is heightened.

Loved this yoga sequence? Subscribe on YouTube to be notified when new flows come out!

4. Get Grounded

After getting into your body it’s time to come to stillness. I recommend doing this through meditation, typically a guided one, but do whatever calls to you in the moment.

Sit up straight or let yourself fully go by laying down and completely relaxing. Use a pillow and blanket to get comfy if need be so that you can let yourself go into the meditation and release all remaining tension from your body.

Sage rituals, card rituals, this full moon ritual you choose based on what feels right for you.

5. Pull a Card for Guidance

You may come out of your meditation knowing exactly what it is that you need to let go of, or you may still have no idea.

This is why I like to do a card pull. It’s not necessary so if you don’t have any, don’t fuss, but they’re fun to use even on a daily basis so I recommend getting some! I switch it up between animal spirit cards, tarot cards and oracle cards.

Pull whatever card is calling you or do a spread. A single card can help guide you as to what it is that’s on your mind that you may not have even thought was something you needed to pay more attention to.

You’ll know if the card connects to you and feels right to focus on your not. Just listen to what your gut says.

Rituals for a full moon (I believe) should always include journaling.

6. Journal Your Full Moon Intentions

Now it’s time to set your full moon intentions, aka what you’re releasing and letting go of.

Grab your journal and a pen and just let things flow. Don’t judge yourself on what you write, just keep writing until it’s all out.

Some great prompts to help you get going are:

  • I let go of…
  • I release…
  • X no longer serves me.

Examples of Full Moon Intentions

  • I let go of the belief that I’m not good enough.
  • I let go of the story that my business isn’t successful.
  • I release my attachment to X (person or thing).
  • I release my attachment to the idea that I’m not beautiful.
  • Being in a relationship no longer serves me.
  • Being hard on myself no longer serves me.

Once you let it all out, read through what you wrote and pick the one that stands out to you the most. Turn to a blank page and write down that one intention to let go.

Burn it and let that shit go.

7. Perform a Full Moon Cleansing

Now comes the best part! It’s time to completely release and let go of that one intention that stood out to you the most.

It’s recommended to pick one thing to let go of because you put your full focus on it, meaning it’s much more likely to disintegrate.

Take that piece of paper and destroy it. Burn it, drown it, rip it up, whatever you’re feeling called to do. If you burn it do it outside or in a room with an open window and drop it into the toilet!

When it’s destroyed then you’ve fully let go of what no longer serves you. Do you feel lighter?

Rituals for the full moon are powerful and can be done solo or with friends.

8. Close Your Full Moon Ritual

You’re almost done! Don’t forget to thank yourself, the Universe, God, source, your angels, whoever, for performing this ritual, helping yourself and releasing whatever it is that was holding you down.

I hope this full moon release ritual served you and helped you to let go of anything unwanted that you were carrying around that was holding you down emotionally.

You should feel lighter but remember to have compassion for yourself, let your physical body catch up to what you just released emotionally, it always takes your body longer!

Your crystals (if used) should be charged with the energy of your ritual but opt to leave them out overnight to fully charge until the bright light of the full moon.

Happy releasing and letting go beautiful!

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