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How to Set Powerful New Moon Intentions

How to Set Powerful New Moon Intentions

New moons are the first phase of the lunar cycle and thus are known for new beginnings. The energy of new beginnings is a great time to set goals, start something new and reflect on the past moon cycle.

It is for these reasons that new moon intentions are widely popular and even if you don’t follow the cycle of the moon it’s most likely that during the days before and after a new moon you’re craving something new. While full moons are known for releasing and letting go, they typically have a heavier feeling to them.

This is because as humans we are affected deeply by the lunar phases, which makes sense. If the moon has the power to affect our great oceans and humans are made up mostly water how could we not feel the effects too?

Either way, no matter if you have a belief in the moon being able to affect you or not, the new moon acts as a reminder to sit back, reflect and set intentions, all of which are good for the soul.

New Moon Intention Setting Basics

While setting intentions can be as simple as sitting down and writing them out, the magic of creating powerful intentions comes from having a new moon ceremony which you can do monthly as a ritual.

Having a ceremony that you perform as a ritual will enhance your overall experience and help you to feel a deeper connection to yourself and perhaps to a higher power if you believe in one.

This is why below I have broken down a ritual can you can choose to perform monthly (but don’t stress if you miss a month or two) as a guide so you can start not only setting intentions but manifesting with the moon!

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Get ready for some new moon manifestation.

How to Create Your Own New Moon Ritual

Moon rituals vary significantly depending on what you want to get out of the ritual, for what moon phase energy you are working with and who you get information from about moon rituals.

This new moon ritual that I share below is one that I created based off of moon circles held by other women and ones I have held for myself.

You can follow the steps exactly as I laid out or opt to pick and choose parts are you wish to include. This is your celebration of the new moon, do whatever it is that feels right to you and don’t limit or box yourself in based off of what other people do or suggest.

I don’t believe in new moon rituals for beginners or pros, we’re all human and can all benefit from the most simple of rituals, just like this one below.

1. Create a safe and sacred space

This first step is important because you want to be in a space that you will be undisturbed so that you can fully sink into your ritual and begin manifesting your intentions for the coming moon cycle.

Creating a safe and sacred space doesn’t require much and can really be done anywhere you feel comfortable. Perhaps it’s in your room on your bed, on the couch in your living room, sitting in the middle of a rug on the ground or even outside where you’re fully in mother nature’s elements.

Bring with you whatever it is that helps you feel grounded and comfortable. This could be crystals, incense, candles (highly recommend as it definitely helps give you a ritual-like mood), music, lighting or anything that’s important to you and will help you feel at ease.

Put all of these things in front you, perhaps setting it up like a bit of a temporary shrine that you face.

Put on clothes that you can move in but sit in without being irritated, the last thing you want is a waistband digging in and bothering you while you’re getting into the zone!

Be sure to ask others in your household to leave you in peace for at least 30 minutes or lock the door.

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Moon phase rituals can include any practices or belongings that you like.

2. Clear Your Energetic Space

New moon cleansing is highly recommended. I personally use sage and palo santo to clear my energetic space which can be done daily, not just for new moon rituals!

Both smell absolutely divine and assist in releasing and clearing of negative energy and calling in the good, positive energy.

Use sage first to clear your space, what things you decided to bring with you (such as crystals, cards, etc) and yourself. Light the sage and set the intention of what you’d like the sage to do with a mantra that you can repeat as you guide the sage around the space, your things and your body.

I like to use a mantra such as, “please clear all negative energy, vibes, dark spirits and anything that isn’t of my highest good from my energetic field.”

When you’re done with the sage put it out and light the palo santo, doing the same thing you did with the sage. A mantra I like to use to is, “I call in all the positive energy, vibes, love and all that is of my greatest good into my energetic space.”

3. Move Your Body

As much as you might not want to, and as awkward as you may feel, do not skip this step! Movement is another way to help clear your body (aka part of your energetic space) from negativity and allow you to truly let go.

It’s much easier to call in manifestations and set intentions when have let go and surrendered and moving your body allows you to do just so by getting you out of your head and into your body.

Your body has all of the answers and will make sure you’re not just setting new moon intentions based on superficial things or from what you see others have.

When you get into your body you get more in tune with your heart and gut, which are connected to your brain but give you clearer answers on what it is that you truly want.

All you have to do is move your body however you are feeling called to. Call it dance, call it ecstatic dance, call it movement, call it whatever you want. Put on some music, close your eyes and let your body just do its thing for at least five minutes (that’s only one to two songs!).

I promise this movement will make the rest of the moon ritual that much easier and divinely guided.

This new moon yoga flow is a gentle yoga practice that will help you to feel into your body and welcome the new and changes.

Subscribe on YouTube to find even more juicy yoga flows!

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Rituals of the new moon can include simple things such as using incense.

4. Get Grounded

You can choose to get grounded in whichever way you like but I most recommend using meditation here. A meditation after movement will help you to fully let go, get even more into your body, out of your head and into a space where you’re ready to set intentions.

A simple 10-minute guided meditation of any kind will do but feel free to do one of any length, whatever it is that your soul is calling you to do.

To fully sink into the meditation I recommend laying out of the floor, perhaps with a pillow and blanket. You want to be totally comfortable.

5. Pull a Card for Guidance

If you don’t have a deck of cards such as animal spirit cards, tarot cards or oracle cards, that’s okay, you can skip this step, it’s not necessary for a new moon intention ritual.

But if you’re feeling called to know more about them or get your own deck they’re a fabulous tool for guidance not only during moon rituals but can even be used daily!

After your meditation, you could come back to the present already with an idea of what kind of intentions you want to set, if not, a card can help guide you.

Place your cards in front of you and pull whichever one you’re feeling called to or do a spread if you feel like you need extra guidance. A single card pull will suffice though.

Perhaps the card will surprise you and bring up an idea for an intention that you haven’t thought of! The cards always reveal something on a deeper level that oftentimes you’re trying to avoid.

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Journaling makes your moon intentions powerful.

6. Journal Your New Moon Intentions

Here is where you really get to let loose. Open your journal and let all of your thoughts on your new moon intentions flow.

Some great and simple journal prompts to start with are:

  • This cycle/month I call in…
  • This cycle/month I intend to…
  • I am guided to start…
  • I am guided to create…

Whatever it is your heart and gut are feeling called to set as an intention write it out, as many intentions as you want.

When you’re done writing, read your intentions over to see which one stands out to you the most. Picking one intention for the moon cycle will allow you to focus more attention on it and manifest it faster.

Examples of New Moon Intentions

  • This cycle I call in compassion.
  • This cycle I call in abundance.
  • This cycle I intend to spend more time with myself.
  • This cycle I intend to practice meditation daily.
  • I am guided to start painting.
  • I am guided to start a new morning routine.
  • I am guided to create more time for me.
  • I am guided to create a new side hustle.

You do not have to have the answers to any of your intentions, no matter how wild or out there or impossible they may seem. Remember, setting the intention is simply an essential first step.

Optional: Have a glass of water with you and speak to your water while holding it when you have picked your intention. It is said that water can feel our intentions. Set it to the side as it will be used again later in this ritual.

7. Visualize Your Intentions

Visualization is such a powerful tool to use not only for setting intentions but for manifestations as well.

Close your eyes and visualize whatever it is you want to do, see or be. Feel what emotions you’d feel when that intention manifests.

It’s that simple! Tap into those feelings and continue to visualize what you set as your new moon intention daily for the rest of the month and you have a powerful intention set!

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Moon cycle rituals are in the end, always up to you and what feels right.

8. Close Your New Moon Ritual

A closing ritual could be as simple as saying thank you to yourself, to your angels, your crystals, your cards, Mother Earth, whatever or whoever you want to say thank you to.

It could be holding your journal close to your heart and thanking it even.

Another option is to write on a blank piece of paper in your journal what you set as your intention and rip it out. Fold it up and then bury it in the ground. If you set your intention in the water earlier on in this ritual this is when you pour it out, either into the earth or onto paper before burying it. Neither is necessary for the other.

And that’s it! Your new moon ritual is complete and you have set a powerful new moon intention for the coming moon cycle. Know that your intention has been set and your only duty for the rest of the month is to let it go.

If you had crystals that you used during this ritual know that they are charged with your manifesting energy and the energy of new beginnings.

May this month be full of joy, bliss, love and happiness. I hope this simple new moon ritual served you!

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