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Yoga for Better Sex: 30 Minute Flow

Yoga for Better Sex: 30 Minute Flow

Yoga has so much to teach not only on the mat through a physical practice but also mentally. So the next time you’re on the mat, slow down and ask yourself how what you’re learning and cultivating through your practice can also benefit you in the real world too.

Continue reading on to learn how yoga can improve your sex life, lead to better sex, and then join me in a flow that focuses on yoga poses that will increase your flexibility in the bedroom and honours your sexual energy by drawing attention to it and your fabulous body.

Is it possible to have better sex through yoga?

You bet it is. Sex is as physical as is it mental and yoga embraces both too. When you take the lessons that you learn on the mat and bring them into the bedroom you can be calmer, more relaxed, and be more easily turned on.

Physically, yoga helps for flexibility and strength, both of which can make certain sex positions more accessible, comfortable, or can even mean trying new positions!

What are the benefits of yoga sexually?


What is thought of a benefit of yoga for sex most frequently is flexibility. Flexibility in the bedroom is great, yes, and can certainly make things more fun or accessible but it’s certainly not the key factor to having a great time between the sheets. Focus on stretching your hips and you will certainly be more comfortable if you find any sex positions tight.


Yoga helps improve strength for your body overall which can help you stay in certain positions for longer without (or with less) fatigue. It also helps to strengthen your pelvic floor, the group of muscles that contract when you have an orgasm. While it is widely said and accepted that having a stronger pelvic floor can lead to better orgasms, it’s not proven, so it’s best to try it out for yourself. Having a stronger pelvic floor does no damage, in fact, it’s only more beneficial to have a strong pelvic floor the older you get.


On the mat yoga is able to help you communicate better with both your mind and your body. Yoga teaches you to feel into your body, to understand where your mind is (your thoughts), and to truly listen to what both are needing or craving. The more you’re able to understand your own needs and wants, the better you’ll be able to communicate that to a partner. The better you communicate, the better the sex.

Reduced Anxiety and Stress

There’s no doubt that reducing stress and anxiety can lead to better sex. Like I mentioned earlier, sex is as much physical and it is mental. Your brain is connected to the nerve endings in your sexual organs and if your brain can’t calm down then it makes it extremely difficult to have a great orgasm. Yoga is a great teacher when it comes to mindfulness, being present, and letting go of the thoughts that build up stress and anxiety. The more you’re able to come into the present moment, the more you’ll be able to enjoy your time with your partner. Practicing yoga assists in this necessary and oftentimes challenging skill.

Yoga for Better Sex Flow

If you love to practice yoga and want a full yoga sequence that is focused on specific yoga poses for sex and that targets harnessing your sexual energy, well then, this is the yoga flow for you!

Yoga Poses for Better Sex

If you’re just after looking for some yoga poses that can help things in the bedroom or that can be used as sex positions themselves then this video below is for you.

Yoga & tips for more confidence in the bedroom

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