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Cozy Yoga Flow to Chill Out

Cozy Yoga Flow to Chill Out

We all have those days where an intense workout or power yoga practice is the last thing you want to do but your body is still craving some kind of movement. Or you want to do something good for your body but don’t feel like changing out of your pajamas or sweats. I feel your struggle.

This cozy yoga practice doesn’t require you to put on anything for you to sweat in. So hop into your comfiest clothes (if you’re not in them already) and roll out your mat for a quick mini flow that will help you stretch, lengthen, and most importantly, feel cozy during the whole practice.

Cozy Yoga Flow

Join me in a home yoga practice that is a great morning yoga or bedtime yoga practice to wake up or wind down!

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Recommended Props & Gear

While these props aren’t necessary for this yoga practice, they can certainly make it extra cozy and thus are highly recommended!

Cozy Yoga Poses

Don’t rush through these poses because they’re simple, instead take the time to sit and breathe in them and bask in all the coziness that you feel.

Crossed Legged Side Stretch

Cozy because of how grounding this yoga pose is, crossed legged side stretch is a great way to open your side body without a ton of effort.

Begin sitting with your legs crossed, either foot in front is fine, with a straight spine. Reach the crown of your head to the sky and feel your sit bones ground into your mat evenly. Inhale, stretch your arms above your head. Exhale, place your right hand on the ground, however far from your right hip as feels good, and bend your elbow slightly, just enough for you to lean into your right arm.

Keep your left arm reaching up and over your head, towards the right. Allow your shoulders to drop away from your ears. Inhale to lengthen both of your sides, feeling space between your ribs. Exhale, gently pull your left (top) shoulder back to open your chest, gazing towards the sky. Only bend so far into your right elbow as both of your hip bones stay on the ground. Inhale, reach both arms back up, exhale, place your left hand on the ground and reach the right hand over to repeat on the opposite side. Hold for 4-8 breaths on each side.

Variation: To get an even deeper side stretch place your elbow on the ground. You may be flexible enough to have your elbow come down to the ground immediately or it may require a few breaths to deepen into the pose.

Head to Knee Pose

This gentle forward fold is wonderful because it isolates one leg at a time and is often a more comfortable and accessible hamstring stretch.

Extend both of your legs out in front of you with flexed feet. Bring your leg foot to the inside of your right thigh, keeping your hips as square as possible (facing the front of your mat). Sit tall with a straight spine. Inhale, reach both of your arms above your head, drawing your shoulders away from your ears. Exhale, keeping your spine straight, fold over your right leg.

Inhale, reach the crown of your head forward, exhale, curve your spine as you let it relax into a passive forward fold. Allow your palms to turn up and rest your arms on either side of your right leg. Option to place pillows or a bolster on your leg to allow yourself to fully relax into the pose. Hold for 5-10 breaths and repeat on the other side.

Reclined Butterfly Pose

Reclined butterfly is an amazing pose to feel supported and allows you to get extra cozy with props as you open your chest and groin, both areas that often need it!

Begin laying on your back. Bring the soles of your feet together to touch with your knees pointing to either side. The closer you bring your feet to your groin the more intense the stretch will be, the further your feet are the less intense and more passive the pose will be.

This may be comfortable but if your knees do not touch the ground and you find your knees becoming too sensitive or it’s an intense stretch in your groin then use props such as a block or pillow under each of your knees.

Bring your hands out from either side of your torso, palms facing up. Hold for 10-15 breaths.

Variation: To add a deeper chest opening to this pose grab a bolster, long pillow, or a rolled-up blanket/towel and place it long ways down your back. Place the prop at the base of your spine and then lay back onto the prop.

Yogi Squat

Some don’t see this yoga pose as comfortable or cozy but using a prop can make this pose one you’ll love to sit in for a while as it’s so grounding and comforting.

Start standing. Bring your feet to the edges of your mat and point your toes slightly out, just off of the mat. Where you place your feet exactly differs for each person, you can always adjust to what’s comfortable when you squat.

Bend your knees and drop your bum between your heels into a yogi squat. Adjust your feet here, perhaps rocking back and forth on your toes to find where is most comfortable to have your feet. Bring your hands into prayer at your heart and close your eyes. Use your elbows to gently push into your inner thighs just below your knees.

Reach your tailbone to the ground and the crown of your head towards the sky. If this is hard on your knees, place a block or another prop that you can sit on under your bum at whatever height relieves any tension in your knees. Hold for 5-10 breaths, feeling your spine lengthen.

Standing Forward Fold

A classic and a favourite for many, standing forward fold is a great pose for releasing lower back tension or pain which is extremely common.

Begin standing with your feet hip-width distance or more, depending on what’s comfortable for you. Inhale, reach your arms above your head, exhale and fold forward with a straight spine, bringing your heads through prayer and then place your hands or fingertips on the mat. Bend your knees generously, so much so that your entire tummy is resting on your thighs.

Allow your head to feel heavy and ground through all four corners of your feet. Grab opposite elbows with opposite hands and gently sway your upper body side to side, releasing all pressure from your lower back. Nod your head yes and no if your neck feels tense.

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