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10 Best Killarney Tours and Day Trips

10 Best Killarney Tours and Day Trips

Ireland is known for its emerald green hills, world-famous Guinness beer and legends that speak of gold and leprechauns. Killarney Ireland is a beautiful part of the country with stunning landscapes, ancient ruins, and an exciting history. While there are plenty of things to do in Killarney, there are also a number of Killarney day tours that simply must be included on your Ireland itinerary.

These Killarney day trips and tours will put you back in touch with nature as you some of the most popular and picturesque destinations in County Kerry. From the beautiful scenery at Lough Leane to the Ring of Kerry, Torc Waterfall to Muckross Lake and beyond, you’re not going to want to miss these day trips from Killarney!

Top Day Trips from Killarney

Visit Killarney not just for the tours but also for the natural beauty that surrounds this pretty place in County Kerry. These are hand-picked day trips from Killarney as well as shorter tours within the town and park itself so that you can experience the history, scenic sights and learn of local legends for the ultimate Killarney trip.

Ring of Kerry Tour

A trip to Killarney is simply not complete without taking part in a Ring of Kerry tour from Killarney. Part of the Killarney National Park, the official name for Ring of Kerry is Iveragh Peninsula. But what you really need to know is that it is a stunning sample of the natural beauty that Ireland has to offer. The Ring of Kerry drive will take you back in time as you visit ancient stone forts and the home town of the Puck Fair, an ancient Celtic festival that dates back to the early 1600s. Take in the view of Dingle Bay, Inch Beach, and the Blasket Islands as you cruise around for the day and stop at colourful towns and at picturesque s lookouts such as the Molls Gap and Ladies View.

Gap of Dunloe Tour

Another popular and one of the most beautiful day tours from Killarney is to the scenic Gap of Dunloe. Spend the day sailing across three lakes in a traditional-style boat where you will enjoy the astonishing views of Innisfallen Island, Bricin Bridge, Torc Mountain, the meetings of the waters, and Ross Castle. Afterward, jump into a pony and trap to be taken across and through the Black Valley and Gap of Dunloe, which is a valley created by a glacial back in the day. This is one of Ireland’s oldest tours and easily one of the best tours I did during my visit to Ireland so this one comes with a 5-star personal recommendation!

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Dingle Peninsula, Slea Head and Inch Beach

This popular tour is ideal for anyone who loves the beach, charming towns and breathtaking scenery. This scenic tour passes through and along some of Ireland’s most stunning coastal landscape. You’ll drive by majestic mountains and rough, rocky beaches dotted with ancient ruins and buildings. The Dingle Peninsula is characterized by its lush, rolling green hills and sun-drenched beaches that are protected by sheer cliffs. You will also get to stand and take pictures in Slea Head which is the most western part of continental Europe. Inch Beach is a quaint little stretch of beach where you can catch a glimpse of the local surfers.

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Traditional Jaunting Car Tour with Craft Brewery Visit

Begin your Irish journey for today in a traditional jaunting car that is both cosy and comfortable. A jaunting car is a small horse and carriage that is pulled by a single horse. You will be taken through the Killarney National Park, and pass MacGillycuddy Reeks which just happen to be Ireland’s highest mountain range. You’ll learn about Ross Castle and traditional Irish thatched houses as you are pulled through the woodlands of the park. But this tour isn’t just about nature, at the end of the day you will be treated to a stop at the Killarney Brewery to sample all the local beer and freshly made, mouth-watering pizza. Sounds like a great day to me!

2–Hour Kayaking and Ross Castle Tour

The Lough Leane which translates to the ‘lake of learning’ from Irish, is Killarney’s largest lake. It’s one of the best natural features in the area and Ross Castle is must-visit sight while in Killarney. Kayaking on the Killarney Lakes is a great way to see Killarney’s beauty from a different perspective and keeps you active. From your kayak, you’ll see massive mountains rising and reflecting on the mirror-like water, explore limestone caves and islands, and see the stunning Ross Castle. At the castle, you’ll about the castle’s sordid history that dates back to the 15th century.

Lakes of Killarney Boat Cruise

Being active not your thing? Not to worry, you can still enjoy the beauty of the most beautiful lake in the region, Lough Léin, in the comfort on a heated boat with glass all around so you can still take in the views. Spot the neat wildlife such as the red deer and white-tailed eagles as you cruise across the lake and take in the splendid views.

Killarney Kayaking Tour and Innisfallen Island

Within the Killarney National Park and on the Lakes of Killarney is the hauntingly beautiful, Innisfallen Island. Begin your kayaking journey near a striking limestone island called Ross Island. As you make your way to Innisfallen Island you will see the gorgeous mountains covered in ancient forests. Once at the island, your guide will show you and tell you about the island’s history and the archeological significance of things like the Innisfallen Abbey. As you walk around the island and explore you will be pleasantly surprised by the red deer that roam the island as you learn about local myths and legends (which are always epic in Ireland!).

Town Highlights and National Park Tour

One of the best activities to do in Killarney is to go sightseeing in town and of course around the Killarney National Park, especially with a knowledgable guide as they know all the details that you may miss! Your guide will take you through the gorgeous natural park for some of the most photographic scenery in Ireland. With stops at Torc Waterfall, the glass-like lakes, and with views of stunning mountain passes, this trip from Killarney’s town centre is a top choice for nature lovers. A tour of Killarney town is not complete without visiting St. Mary’s Cathedral, a gothic masterpiece that your guide will walk you through explaining the history and details.

Killarney on Horse & Carriage: 1-Hour Jaunting Car Tour

This guided horse and carriage ride will take you around to see some of the best things to do in Killarney town. You’ll go through the city to see Ross Castle and St Mary’s Cathedral and ride across Killarney National Park and Deer Park. While this tour is short and sweet, it’s a lovely step back in time, especially because the carriage is allowed to go where cars and traffic are not. Getting around Killarney on horse and carriage is a great way to visit some of the popular sightseeing spots in Killarney and is a fun addition to a trip to Killarney.

Self-Guided Cycling Tour Through Killarney National Park

Cycling is one of the most popular things to do in Killarney, especially in the national park. Spend half a day exploring the natural beauty of Killarney by bike, visiting the most historical sites and stopping whenever you please for pictures. The tour provides you with a bike, helmet, lock and a detailed map with facts and interesting information for each recommended stop. For anyone who likes to do things on their own or have the flexibility to switch things up and follow your own time this is for you. Stop at Muckross House (one of the most popular things to see in Killarney), gardens, traditional farms and Muckross Abbey, all Killarney attractions that are worth seeing.

Tour the Ring of Kerry, take a jaunting ride on one of the Gap of Dunloe tours and explore Killarney town plus the national park and you will have a perfectly wonderful time in Killarney and will have covered all of the must-visit sites in one of my personal favourite towns in Ireland. I promise a visit to Killarney won’t disappoint and these are the best day trips from Killarney that are absolutely worth adding to your trip!

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