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Leo Zodiac Yoga: A Yoga Flow for the Leo Season

Leo Zodiac Yoga: A Yoga Flow for the Leo Season
Are you feeling higher energy, extra excited about new ideas, or suddenly wanting to get stuff done with more vigor than before? Welcome to Leo season! This star sign is a passionate one and with passion comes more energy. If you’re after a Leo zodiac yoga sequence that has lots of movement to burn through some of your energy then this is it!

Yoga and Astrology – How Are They Connected?

Simply put, both the practices of astrology and yoga relate to the elements and energy. Some will say that yoga and astrology are sister sciences, but personally, I believe they’re more like sister disciplines. Both can be used to help us understand our changing energy, moods, and feelings. Whether you believe the planets affect us or not, there is most certainly something to be said when the full moon comes around and emergency rooms get busier, people start acting a little more out of sorts, and there is a general higher energy.  Practicing yoga in sync with the passing zodiac seasons really just connects you to a force that is invisible. The practice could feel great for the season, or it may feel off for you. But you may be surprised with how aligned it is for your energy. By choosing a yoga sequence that is based on the current star sign you’re opting for a sequence that allowed the teacher to create a sequence based on the general energy, not specifically to yours so it could be great for your body at this moment, or not. It’s always important to do what feels good for your body.

What Can Be Expected in Leo Season

This yoga for the Leo season is all about embracing what Leo season brings: energy, passion, fire, drive. Leo season is a great time to get shit done, to be on the go, and do lots of things. But that doesn’t mean we don’t still need grounding which is why it’s important to keep up the practices that keep you stable, grounded, and calm such as yoga. In the Leo season, you may feel a bit all over the place as you dive into new projects or existing projects with so much passion that you become off balance. Getting off balance is okay, but remember to come back to your practices as they are practices for you for a reason.

Leo Zodiac Yoga

Join me in this Leo zodiac yoga for 25 minutes of energizing flow that is fun, challenging, and keeps you moving lots!

Recommend Props & Gear

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