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Best Destinations for Yoga Teacher Training Abroad

Best Destinations for Yoga Teacher Training Abroad

As wonderful as it would be to study yoga close to home, there’s certainly something to be said for studying for your yoga teacher training abroad. Taking yourself out of your daily norm and giving yourself new surroundings can do wonders not only for your learning but for a transformational experience too.

Luckily with yoga becoming ever more popular, you have an abundance of choices. Whether you’re after a destination in the east, are wanting to study by the beach, flow it out in the humidity, or prefer to be in an urban city centre, there’s an option for you. These are the top destinations for yoga teacher training around the globe that offer a mix of training with incredible and dedicated teachers so you can become a yoga teacher abroad!

Best Places for Yoga Teacher Training Abroad

Take your pick, yoga training abroad has amazing choices!


Indonesia, Bali specifically, has become a hot spot for yoga retreats and yoga teacher training. The Island of Gods, as Bali is often referred to, is a hub for those seeking spiritual exploration, a connection to Mother Earth, and for tourists alike. Bali is said to be one of the Earth’s healing vortexes, and whether that’s true or not, there’s no denying that major transformations can happen here. Add that into your yoga teacher training and you’re sure to have yourself an unforgettable experience.

Ubud is a big draw for many, being a cultural hub in Bali but also a major destination worldwide for yoga. Training of all sorts, including vinyasa, Hatha, Ashtanga, yin, and more can be found here as well as in other top Bali destinations such as Canggu (for those who also want to be close to the water!). For more of a quiet, small island vibe, head over to Nusa Lembongan, a small island just off the coast of Bali where you can find even more YTT options.

World-class teachers often host their training in Bali and many studios offer year-round training. The choices for yoga teacher training in Bali are endless and is where I personally did my 200-hour training so I highly recommend it!

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Costa Rica

Costa Rica is the destination for yoga in North America. The close distance to the USA and Canada makes it an ideal and very affordable place for yoga teacher training. This picturesque and lush country is so inviting with its peaceful nature, scenic coastlines, and motto of Pura Vida. Many internationally renowned yoga teachers make Costa Rica home or come here often to host retreats and training. Just like Bali, you can find an abundance of Costa Rica teacher training options in a wide array of styles, so you’re bound to find one to suit your needs and budget.

Guanacaste Province and Puntarenas Province are great places to start your search for a YTT in Costa Rica. Whether you’re after staying in the jungle, by the water, or both, you’ll find a top training in one of these areas. Costa Rica YTT usually includes excursion days too so that you have time to snorkel, wander through the canopy of the jungle (or zipline), and explore what makes Costa Rica so beautiful. 

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Thailand has long been a destination for visitors who are wishing to have a spiritual experience and for yoga practitioners who are looking to deepen their practice on and off the mat. You have ample choices in this beautiful country not only for different training, but also destinations too. Chiang Mai is a hot spot for yoga, where you can train close to or in the mountains. But then destinations such as Koh Phangan, the island known for its famous full moon parties, is booming in popularity for yoga. The neighbouring island of Koh Samui is a laid-back place with more training too where you can practice on your mat while looking out at the ocean.

While it’s most common to find Ashtanga and vinyasa yoga teacher training in Thailand, you will find other options too with many year-round training available.


Guatemala is not usually thought of as a place for yoga, but this tiny nation is a place worth considering for your 200-hour yoga teacher training. Its location and low cost of living make it a very affordable destination for YTT and the stunning scenery is enough alone to draw you in. Most training is held around the picturesque Lake Atitlan, where you can flow it out and study with volcanoes within sight. Training is not as common here as destinations such as Bali and Costa Rica, but the choices are typically eco-friendly, or even off-grid which can be a great addition to studying yoga, truly connecting you to nature and living like a true yogi. 


Don’t miss considering a YTT in Spain, as this Mediterranean country has so much to offer. Yoga is well established in Spain so you’ll no doubt find an abundance of training options available from the Balearic Islands to city centres such as Barcelona, or even along the stunning coast of Costa Brava. Not only will you have an incredible YTT, but you’ll be in a destination that has warm temperatures, an amazing culture, drool-worthy food, and world-class teachers.

Many yoga styles can be learned here, and it’s one of the best destinations for urban yoga teacher training, many of which are a mix of being in the city and exploring nature on the city’s edges.

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Meditation has been practiced in Greece since ancient times, and spirituality has been evident through the centuries as well, so it’s no wonder why Greece is a top yoga destination. Pair that with the fact that you have the option to study with the breeze in your hair on one of the Greek islands, or in the urban centre of Athens surrounded by history, and you have yourself an amazing yoga destination. 

A variety of styles are taught here and many training include hiking, beach days, and excursions so that you can explore Greece between your studies. Plus the food! Greeks certainly know how to live and enjoy food (it is a country in the blue zone, one of the regions where people are known for living longer). There is certainly something to be learned from the Greek lifestyle that pairs well with one of yoga. Destinations in Greece to take a look at are Athens, Crete, and the Ionian Islands.

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There is no shortage of YTT options in the USA since the practice has exploded in the west. From the coast of California to the lush islands of Hawaii, and even to the rolling hills in Northern New York, the US has options. Many world-renowned yoga teachers call the USA home and thus finding training here is relatively easy, you just have to pick where will suit your wants the most. Aside from California, Hawaii, and New York, Florida is a great option too, and many online yoga teacher training experiences are available too. 

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India was too obvious of a choice to list first, but it’s still very much a destination that should be considered for a yoga teacher training certification. While India is the birthplace of yoga, it’s still important to do your research when considering a YTT here. Destinations such as Rishikesh or Mysore are known for being more authentic and where you could have the opportunity to find a training that is more immersed in yogic philosophy over anatomy. But head south to Goa and you’ll find many more options as well in a setting that includes beaches but is also peaceful. 

Authentic for many can mean living in an Ashram, but for others it could just mean the training itself with luxurious amenities. Both can be found in India. What an incredible opportunity it would be to learn an Eastern practice from Eastern teachers!

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