Get ready to explore one of the most beautiful and multi-cultural countries in the world. Travel to Canada with the resources found on this page and plan your ultimate Canada trip from coast to coast.

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Canada Trip Planning

Toronto Canada | Toronto Canada things to do in | Toronto Canada travel | Things to do in Toronto | Toronto travel | Toronto trip | Toronto travel guide

How to Plan the Perfect Toronto Itinerary (1-4 Days + Tips from a Local)

Home to over 5 million people in the city and surrounding area Toronto is a diverse and very multicultural city, filled with hip bars, lot’s ...
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Ottawa Canada | Ottawa Canada winter | Ottawa Canada things to do | Things to do in Ottawa winter

12 Things to do in Ottawa in Winter

Think Canada's capital is just frigid weather in the winter? Think again. Though it may drop to well below zero in the winter it certainly ...
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Vancouver in a Weekend

A Mini Guide to Vancouver in a Weekend

Vancouver is one of the top places to visit in Canada, and with good reason. The city is a mix of cultures nestled into the ...
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My Biggest Mistakes In Banff

Every travel blogger who writes about Banff only has good things to say, publishes lists of things to do or see, and raves about the ...
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Niagara Falls For All Ages

I have now had the opportunity to visit Niagara Falls (on the Canadian side) in the heat of summer, the cold brittle winter, and the ...
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Things to do in Canada

Christmas in Toronto | Toronto market | Toronto Christmas activities | Toronto holidays | Toronto Christmas tree | Toronto Christmas events | Things to do in Toronto | Free things to do in Toronto |

Christmas in Toronto: 13 Things to do in Toronto During the Holidays

Over the past couple of years Christmas in Toronto has really become more festive. This year is no different with new Toronto Christmas activities starting up ...
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Things to do in St. John's Newfoundland | Things to do in St. John's | St. John activities | Visit Newfoundland | Things to do in St. John's NL | What to do in St. John's Newfoundland | Things to do in St. John's NFLD | Things to do in Newfoundland | St. John's Newfoundland | St. John's tourism | St. John's Canada

16 of the Best Things to do in St. John’s, Newfoundland (Tips + More!)

St. John's, Newfoundland may be a capital city but its charming streets lined with jelly bean coloured houses, scenic sites along the Atlantic Coast and ...
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10 Most Incredible Natural Attractions in Canada

It's no secret that Canada is a stunner and many come to the country just to visit the absolutely breathtaking scenery within the borders. From ...
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Discovering Ottawa’s Rural Food Scene

Disclosure: This post is written in partnership with Ottawa Tourism as a part of the Secret Eats tours held for Canada 150. All thoughts and opinions are ...
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Things to do in Canada

The Best Things to Do in Canada in Honour of Canada’s 150th

2017 is Canada's 150th birthday so what better way is there to celebrate than to travel the country and share the best things to do? ...
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Explore Canada Header

Explore Canada and Discover the Nation’s Top Destinations!

Canada is a beautiful country filled with vivid landscapes that will take your breath away, bustling cities that are some of the top places to ...
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10 Things to do in Toronto

> This is a post written in collaboration with All thoughts and opinions are my own. Toronto is a city that isn't on everyone's ...
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Montreal street art

Why You Should Visit Montreal (And Why I Underrated It)

Growing up very close to Quebec I always thought that French Canadian's were snobbish, rude, and hated when you didn't speak English. This was not ...
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5 Reasons to Visit Quebec City

Quebec City, somewhat close to my hometown of Ottawa, was never a destination on my bucket list. I had heard that it was pretty and ...
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Where to Stay in Canada


The Best Places to Stay in Toronto

Toronto is the top city to visit in Canada (though some will argue Vancouver) because of its trendy neighbourhoods, its fine eats and multiculturalism. It's ...
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Canada Travel Tips

9 Reasons Why You Need to Travel Canada

9 Reasons Why You Need to Travel Canada

Canada is a big country, the second largest country in the world after Russia. But it's not just space that Canada takes up, it also has a ...
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Canada: A Photo Essay

I spent 3 weeks traveling across my beautiful home country before I jetted off to Thailand. I was ecstatic to be able to explore more ...
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Why Canada Wasn’t on my Bucket List

Canada, a home to over 35 million people with a diverse range of backgrounds, a country devoted to peace, and a proud nation. I, myself ...
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Canada Travel Resources

Travel daypack | Travel day bag | Travel backpack | Travel backpack carry on | Travel backpacks for women

Amazon’s Top 10 Best Selling Travel Daypacks

You're here because you want to make sure that you find the best travel backpack for you because having a backpack that doesn't fit properly ...
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Travel hacks | Travel hacks airplane | Travel tips | Travel tips and tricks

10 Must Know Travel Hacks That Will Help You Save Money

Travel is seen as something that's too expensive for people to do often and many only enjoy one vacation a year or none at all ...
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How to pack a carry on | Travel tips and tricks | Travel tips international | Travel tips packing | Carry on bag | Carry on essentials | Travel packing list | Travel packing tips

How to Pack a Carry-On Bag Like a Pro

One of the most difficult parts of packing is deciding what to bring in your carry-on. What things to pack in a carry-on? What can ...
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Travel accessories | Travel gifts

Amazon’s 20 Best Selling Travel Accessories Under $20 (UPDATED 2018)

I'm always curious as to what other travellers use to make their lives easier when it comes to travelling. There are plenty of hacks that ...
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Tunnel Mountain Banff

Hostel Tips You Need to Know Before Booking

Hostels are the go-to for budget backpackers and many others who all know a few simple hostel tips. They’re not just large dorm rooms with ...
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Travel Checklist

The Ultimate Worry Free Pre-Travel Checklist

Whether you’re leaving for a long while or are only taking a quick weekend trip, there are a few essentials that are always included in ...
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Travel First Aid Kit

What to Pack in a Travel First Aid Kit

As bulky as a travel first aid kit is to pack in your already bulging bag, it will hold the cure to your hangovers, medication ...
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Travel Insurance Story by Claire

Travel Insurance Stories That Show the Importance of Travel Insurance

s It's no fun reading through the fine print, forking out the extra cash in case something happens, or doing the research. But the reality is that ...
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Canada Travel Insurance

Canada Flights

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